Get married in 15 minutes: New dates for drop-in weddings in Vor Frue Church

by Ashton Christensen

A church wedding doesn’t have to be expensive, troublesome or time-consuming.

The so-called drop-in wedding at Vor Frue Church has been a massive success for several years, and now they are ready with new dates for the summer and autumn.

Couples can turn up unannounced and be married by a priest in just 15 minutes.

No big speeches, no huge party and no significant expenses: just you and your chosen one.

Dates for drop-in weddings in summer and autumn include:

  • August 19th
  • August 26th
  • September 30th

 How it works

One of you must be a member of the Church of Denmark when you attend Vor Frue Church.

You must bring your marriage license and have a personal interview with a priest. However, there may be a queue before it’s your turn, but other than that, you’ll be married immediately.

“We recommend that you contact the church office on telephone 96 31 11 80 and book an appointment if you want to be absolutely sure that there is a free time.

You will be led outside as a married couple by a rousing wedding march from the organ. Afterwards, we will offer fresh champagne to celebrate your marriage,” the church writes.

You are welcome to invite friends and family to the drop-in ceremony. But you may also come alone – the church will be happy to provide witnesses.

Marriage license

Everything required to get married is a marriage license and two witnesses. For a church blessing, you must bring the marriage certificate.

To receive a marriage license, you must fill in a marriage declaration at under: “Familie og børn”(Family and children) → “Når i vil giftes”(When you want to get married).

You will then be sent the marriage license via NemID, which you must bring on the day of your marriage.

NOTE: It can take up to 7 days to receive the license so be sure to do your paperwork in good time.

Suppose you are a foreigner and wish to get married in Denmark. In that case, special rules apply, which you can learn by contacting the Famileretshuset.

You can find more information here.

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