Get Naughty Tour: Chippendales takes over Aalborg with an extravagant show

by Shellie Boudreau

It is becoming a tradition that tickets sell out at Royal Stage at Skråen in Aalborg when the Chippendales visit.

When the lightly dressed Chippendales announce their plans to visit Danmark, there is a ticket frenzy.

In 2020 and 2021, there was no show because of Corona, but 2022 is looking more attractive, and now Skråen is announcing the date.

On September 27th, 2022, these world-famous men revisit Aalborg with their newest show: Get Naughty Tour.

The incredible team of men is touring the world with their tasteful striptease to entertain wildly fun women, and dance amongst their screams as their toned bodies glean in the spotlight.

Massive sex appeal

When the Chippendales pass through Skråens, they set the stage with sensual rhythms, sex appeal, and world-class dancing. 

You name it: cowboys tight jeans, sailors in uniform, and torn classic white t-shirts.

The temperature will be hot and hottie when the studly American robbers take over and put on a spectacular show.

A Magic Mike like experience

The Chippendale shows have made their mark worldwide and continue to be in demand as their popularity rises. One only needs to remember the film Magic Mike with the muscular actor Channing Tatum as the lead. The fans keep growing.

Especially, Magic Mike XXL pulled many women into the theatres – and with the Chippendales, the audience gets close-up experience in the flesh.

There is no excuse not to take your girls out for a night and throw a little cash around.

The Ultimate Girls night out

Yes, that’s right – two million women buy tickets to see the Chippendales every year.

The show has toured the globe for more than 35 years – and of course, there are new recruits along the way, which means the average age is not too old but old enough. The average number becoming more significant is the how many women are joining each year. 

What: Chippendales

Hvor: Skråen, Royal Stage

Hvornår: September 27th, 2022

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