Giant project on the way: A new Skyview of Aalborg is coming

by Shellie Boudreau

The development of Stigsborg, a modern and large new district, is in full swing and ready to offer a unique sky view of Aalborg.

Soon the first homes will be ready for residents to move in on the Nørresundby-side of the Limfjord.

Stigsborg will become an attractive district close to central Aalborg that will nurture a large green climate park the size of Kongens Have in Copenhagen.

Plans include to add an additional crossing with the famous cycle bridge over the fjord by Musikkens Hus (The Music House) on the Aalborg side.

Parking garage with a unique view

When more people move into the area, where there will be new jobs and schools, there will also be increased practical needs, and parking is one.

Therefore, By- og Landskabsudvalget (The City and Landscape Committee) announced a local plan for Stigsborg, which includes a giant parking garage.

Although a parking garage may not seem particularly flirty, this garage is worthy of our attention.  The new parking garage will be a rare gem in the Aalborg area, offering a completely new experience.

Placed on top of the 21-meter high building will be a unique platform presenting a breath-taking view of Aalborgs’ waterfront, Musikkens Hus and the Utzon Center.

Stort projekt på vej: Her kommer nyt skyview over Aalborg

The garden roof offers a spectacular view

When standing on top, you can take a 360° selfie of the Aalborg and Nørresundby-side or of Stigsborg.

“The architectural plans of the roof incorporate a viewing platform with public access, greenery, and a solar energy system,” according to the plans, which are to be approved by the City and Landscape Committee.

These plans further underline the request for a massive public green space.

The vision is to create what is known as a mobility-house. This means the parking garage will extend its function and provide a positive impact beyond just being a place to park a car like most in the Aalborg area.

Stort projekt på vej: Her kommer nyt skyview over Aalborg

Share-cars, bicycle and scooter parking

“The intention is that the parking garage should offer a broader range of functions than a traditional parking garage, hence “mobility house.”

In addition to parking cars, the garage must offer beneficial alternatives that promote sustainable mobility – in the form of share-cars, electric charging, bicycle and micro-mobility parking (e.g. scooters and pull-wagons),” according to the local plan announcement.

“The ground floor prioritises short-term parking. This decision should facilitate and prepare for delivering children to kindergarten and school at the newly arriving Children and Youth Universe. Further, short-term parking will be available for the planned grocery store on the construction site B11, located south of the mobility house.

Ensuring good, visible, and safe access conditions for pedestrians from all sides of the car park is of paramount importance and emphasis. The ground floor will also offer secure spaces for handicap-friendly and mini-bus parking.”

The parking garage is defined by two main elements – the Base and Skyen (Cloud).

So when you are on Skyen, you can really take in the spectacular view. There is no doubt that this cloud-view, once complete, will be a modern city attraction worthy of our attention.

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