Gold, glitter, and recycling: Here are our suggestions for this year’s carnival costume

by Ashton Christensen

With a blaze of a million stars, the 41st Aalborg Carnival is planned to shine like no other.

This year’s theme is indeed gold, glitter, and recycling.

Adopting a sustainable goal, Aalborg Carnival encourages you to dig through your buried treasures or thrift shops when assembling your costume this year.

And there’s no need for a costume or clothing crisis!

We’ve compiled some ideas for you, hoping they can inspire you on how to nail the theme!

Thrift Diva

Now it’s time to unleash your inner diva.

How? Go hunt for the most extravagant diva dress at your favourite thrift store. It’s allowed to be a little extra considering the occasion.

Raid the store for everything that gleams glitter and glamour. It could be jewelry, hair accessories, a hat, or a clutch as long as it sparkles!

You literally can’t be too shiny.

The look should be topped off with red lipstick, winged eyeliner, and plenty of blush.

Gulddreng version 2

Gulddreng was the epitome of luxury, high class, and foolish wealth from head to toe. But Gulddreng version 2 is the budget version that wants to appear like he’s spent a million.

Find your oldest zip-up hoodie deep down from your closet, or stop by a thrift store to see if you can find a hooded jacket.

Wear a black T-shirt underneath and a pair of black trousers. Then, go on a hunt for gold accessories, a few gold necklaces are a must. Feel free to adorn all ten fingers with rings.

Then the only thing you need is a pair of sunglasses!

Feel free to paint a beard with brown eyeliner and recreate the Malte Ebert-inspired fringe by cutting open a brown yarn ball and securing it with hair clips.

The hood should be pulled over to achieve that perfect touch of arrogance.

I bet he also enjoys some good cheap wine like Liebfraumilch or golden beers instead of Moët.


Are you ready to go all-in on an underwater theme?

You can probably find a round cushion or a large hat at a thrift shop. Cover it with some sparkling fabric or any other fabric that you decorate with glow-in-the-dark markers.

You can use old fabric scraps, a glitter curtain, or other suitable materials to create the tentacles hanging down from the jellyfish’s body, which you will, of course, wear on your head.

Find a solid-coloured outfit – perhaps a blue T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts?

And there you go! You’ll look like you stepped right out of Finding Nemo.

Winners of the World Cup

Bring out your Denmark jersey that you acquired during one of the many tournaments Denmark has been a part of.

If not, any red T-shirt will do.

Pair it with your best sports shorts from your closet.

Make your own gold medal out of cardboard and attach a red ribbon to it. 

Find a headband and wear it around your head like Mikkel Hansen, or make a tight bun at the back of your neck like a true Henrik Møllgaard. 

Tada! Congratulations on becoming a world champion!


Indeed the carnival is extraordinary that could draw interest from another galaxy. So why not think about what costumes might look like as we travel for space or, rather, another what another being from space would wear to the event?

Find the most neon green outfit you can get your hands on. It should preferably be form-fitting.

Go all out with body glitter in colour you feel exerts a radical spaciest look.

See if you can get your hands on a green wig and perhaps a pair of long gloves.

Otherwise, you can make your own antennae using a headband, pipe cleaners, and green pompoms.

Welcome to outer space, my friend!


A true classic, which also would be considered the easier costume idea, would be the classic superhero outfit.

However, if you don’t want to go out and buy a brand new Superman costume, you can just wear a used t-shirt in which you’ve carved a large “S” out from gold or silver foil and applied it. And also, remember a cape, what cool superhero doesn’t wear a cape?

Photo: Aalborg Carnival

If by now all you need is a cape – it should preferably be in a metallic or shiny colour. It can be made from anything you have, such as an old blanket, a curtain, or whatever is available. Make sure it glitters!

Finish off the superhero look with a good old-fashioned glitter mask.

New Years Eve

It’s finally time for all the New Year’s decorations you stored away on January 1st to come back to life. 

You might have a pair of glasses that say “2023” on them, which you won’t need next year. 

Put streamers in your hair and rewear a silly New Year’s hat. Any clothing will work for this costume, but then again, there’s no harm in shining a little brighter than usual on this occasion. 

Draw fireworks on your cheeks in all the colours of the rainbow, and remember to smile!



The worn-out shirt or jacket that you no longer use is now ready for an upgrade. You need to find the most glittery items in your home, such as aluminium foil or CDs stashed away for ages. 

They will help you create the perfect glittering disco ball look.

Be ready to unleash the beast with your hot glue gun. Cover your clothing completely so that you become the shiniest thing to grace the streets of Aalborg.

To finalize the look, you could find silver-coloured leggings at a thrift shop. 

At stores like Normal or websites like, you can find glitter hairspray and makeup.

Beware, you might find glitter in your apartment until the next carnival arrives… but wouldn’t it be worth it?

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