Good deals and free hotdogs: Plant nursery invites to Open By Night

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Open By Night is not a new and innovative concept.

We know it, among other things, from the city center, which several times a year extends the opening hours to the evening hours and lures the people of Aalborg with large discounts and good deals.

On the other hand, Open By Night in a plant nursery is not quite as widespread. However, that is exactly what Gug Plant Nursery is inviting to this Thursday.

Here, all customers are welcome to an evening filled with good deals, free hotdogs, and delicious samples.

Much more than plants and flowers

Gug Plant Nursery is quite an Aalborg mastodon and has existed since 1963. The nursery is known, recognized, and loved for its large selection of high-quality plants and flowers – and all associated gardeners are, of course, professionally trained.

However, this evening focuses on more than “just” pretty, green things for the patio, balcony, or home.

Gug Plant Nursery has invited several suppliers and partners who will present their products.

You can, among others, meet The Greek Pantry, who brings exciting Greek specialties – Spireli, who produces organic microgreens – The Ny Hyllested Farm Shop, which specializes in, among other things, mead and wine – and many more.

  • Kongerslev Kalk – locally produced fertilizer
  • Elemetifire – fire tables and fireplaces for outdoor spaces
  • The Greek Pantry with exciting Greek specialties
  • Spireli – fresh and delicious organic microgreens produced in Aalborg
  • The Ny Hellested Farm Shop – North Jutland specialties such as Ny Nordisk Mjød and wine from Stae Vingaard
  • Børstenbinder Hans Jørgen Veste, who makes handmade brushes, brooms, bottle cleaners, etc. made of natural materials
  • Aalborg Beekeeper Association sells locally produced honey.

In addition to learning more about everything from handmade brooms to fertilizer and honey, Gug Plant Nursery also offers free hotdogs.

In addition, there will, of course, be sharp deals on selected items so that you can make your garden look just as fantastic as Gug Plant Nursery itself.

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