Gourmet food and wine ad libitum for 399kr: Det Glade Vanvid is opening in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

A complete gourmet dining experience.

Wine and beer ad libitum.


Yes, it almost sounds like sheer madness and funnily enough, that’s also the name of the Koch brother’s extremely popular restaurant concept (in Danish, Det Glade Vanvid), which has had huge success in both Aarhus and Randers.

Now Aalborg’s time has finally come as Det Glade Vanvid gears up to open a brand-new restaurant. The restaurant will be located on the newly established Budolfi Plads, alongside other restaurants and cafés.

“We have had a really fantastic collaboration with the group behind Det Glade Vanvid, and we’re happy to welcome such competent and passionate people”, Mikkel Højsleth from Budolfi A/S says.

The restaurant will open on the corner of Budolfi Plads (between BACO and Skagen Fiskerestaurant) where they’ll spread out over a full 250 square meters.

The ambition is to open in the middle of November.

“We had long considered Aalborg but we had never found the perfect setting – until now. In addition to the central location in the heart of the city, the square also just perfectly fits with our concept in every way”, Lasse Koch tells MyAalborg.

The restaurant will be decorated in the style we know from their Aarhus and Randers locations with the focus being on creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere created by dimmed lighting, dark ceilings, and just the right acoustics.

Det Glade Vanvid i Randers

How the concept works

The brand-new restaurant will have space for 110 seated diners and according to Lasse Koch, we can look forward to high-end gastronomy in a relaxed and casual setting.

“Our overarching goal is to create the ultimate experience for the guests. Every detail is carefully considered – from the music to the acoustics, temperature of the wine, the comfort of the chairs, and of course the food on the plate”, Lasse explains.

An evening at Det Glade Vanvid starts at precisely 18:30 where all guests arrive at the same time.

After that, you have the table the whole evening (until 21:30 Tuesday to Thursday, and all the way until 22:30 Friday and Saturday), and thus you’re not able to do a  ‘walk-in’ or arrive later than 18:30.

The whole evening is timed to perfection so that all guests get an equally great experience.

The evening always begins with an appetizer and effervescent Cava (or an alcohol-free alternative) then guests are presented with three dishes throughout the evening.

The menu changes up to seven times yearly and the food is selected based on seasonality and the quality of the raw ingredients.

“We have 25 years experience from the national and international cooking scene, so we have got quite a good handle on what tastes good.

Our style is therefore very personal and it ensures that our guests are presented with food that really has flavor”, Lasse says.

Despite the ambitious approach to creating a gastronomical experience, you shouldn’t be worried about leaving Det Glade Vanvid hungry.

“You won’t need to stop by a hotdog cart afterward”, Lasse declares with a smile.

“We have adjusted the dishes such that both the young lady and the hungry craftsman can leave full and satisfied.”

All-inclusive and gourmet go hand in hand

In Aarhus and Randers, you often need to book three weeks in advance to be sure you get a table, and now the Koch brothers look forward to showing the people of North Jutland their tried and tested concept.

“We look forward to demonstrating that an all-inclusive dinner really can go hand in hand with a fantastic dining experience”, Lasse says.

Det Glade Vanvid will be open Tuesday to Thursday where you have the table for 3 hours (18:30-21:30) for 399kr, and Friday to Saturday, where you have the table for 4 hours (18:30-22:30) for 599kr.

You can also choose to be served a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, or gluten-free menu when ordered in advance.

What: Det Glade Vanvid opens in Aalborg

Where: Budolfi Plads

When: Mid-November 2020

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