Grab a bargain: Join the giant book bazaar at the main library 

by Shellie Boudreau

Good news for everyone who wouldn’t mind grabbing a book for a bargain – and everything in between. 

Aalborg Library’s famous book bazaar opens on October 17th, at noon. 

As the leaves on the trees change color and the last few birds migrate to warmer climates, many books, too, will say farewell. For various reasons, these books cannot remain in the library collection.

Aalborg Libary Book Bazaar will be held over the Fall break from October 17th – 23rd.

Book sales and bargain finds will start on Monday, October 17th at noon but will run the entire week with newly added material each day – so do not fear if you cannot join on the first couple of days. 

Perfect timing for the indoor season

Indeed the announcement of a book bazaar couldn’t have better timing. Many may take the time to enjoy a book and relax over the break this Fall.

You can find reading material, unique stories, read-a-loud books, and even board games for just a few coins.  There is plenty to choose from and use over a rainy day.

The book bazaar is also a sustainable effort to give extra life and longevity to amazing games, bestsellers, and rare titles. 

The prices are:

  • Biographies, romances, and adult series: 10 kroner
  • Subject matter books: 10 kroner
  • Children’s books and comics: 5 kroner
  • Periodicals and magazines: 1 krone

Boardgames are individually priced (but at a steal).

You can pay in cash during service hours – but self-check-out and mobile pay are accepted too. 

The library also offer a friendly reminder to bring your own bag to support our environment and recycling. 

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