Grab a bargain: New secondhand store opens in the center of Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Secondhand stores and thrift shops have become extremely popular in the past few years.

Yesterday another secondhand store opened in Aalborg where you have the opportunity to find a great bargain and shop a little more greenly.

The profit also goes to a good cause.

Danish People’s Aid (Dansk Folkehjælp) has opened a new secondhand store at Nørregade 23 in Aalborg, and all the profits will go directly toward helping people in need in the local area, for example through their Christmas help, school start help, and holiday help programs.

As Danish People’s Aid has written in a press release in connection with the opening, they are looking for volunteers that are passionate about making a difference for their local community and who have an interest in reusing and recycling. 

From vintage clothes to kitchen utensils and vinyls to jewellery

The new store will be the perfect place for bargain hunters that are looking for recycled treasures – from vintage clothes to kitchen utensils, CDs, and vinyl to jewelry and all sorts of decorative items.

Danish People’s Aid has worked hard to get the premises ready for the grand opening, and the beautiful store they have created is now just waiting to be used for the benefit of the Aalborg community.

Profit goes to Aalborg families in need

Klaus Nørlem, general secretary for the Danish People’s Aid, is looking forward to the opening of the new secondhand shop:

“Our new secondhand store in Aalborg is an important part of our work to provide help for socially disadvantaged people, and all profits will go directly to helping these poor and vulnerable families in Aalborg through, for example, our Christmas help, school start help, and holiday help programs.

I hope that the store will be well-received by the locals, and that the secondhand store will be of great benefit to the local area, customers and not least the families we help through our work.”

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