Great Spring-offer for students: Try the city’s leisure activities for free

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If you’re a student in Aalborg there’s just now a great opportunity to try a lot of exciting leisure activities for free.

It’s part of the restart-package where Aalborg Municipality hopes to see as many young people out and about as possible, joining healthy and active communities.

There’s no reason to sit about at home. The weather is improving, society has reopened, and Study Aalborg and Aalborg Municipality is inviting students to go out and be active together.

The project is called Aalborg Try Out and it’s full of free activities all throughout the city. They’re now ready with new offers during the Spring:

“We have amazing leisure activities in the municipality that the students may not know exists. So I’m happy that we can continue to offer these appetizers.

We’d like to give a push to everyone who hasn’t tried these healthy and active communities yet. It can both be newcomers, or people who’ve become isolated as a result of the many lockdowns.

I can only encourage students to sign up. They can be lucky and find a new passion as well as new friends,” Jes Lunde, council member of the Health and Culture council in Aalborg Municipality.

New activities

This round of Try Out is a bouquet of different things. You can look forward to trying hip hop, Olympic weight lifting, squash, climbing, jumping, self-defense, foot-tennis, and roller-derby.

So grab a friend and sign up on Study Aalborg’s site.

In 2021, the activities were a huge success, and many students tried both new and classic leisure activities, and now they’re trying to keep the ball rolling.

“We want to strengthen the community for students in the city, and our leisure activities are a good starting point.

It is also an important point that many of the activities have been arranged in a manner so you do not need to have any special skills in order to join. It is for everyone.

And we hope that the people who join also find each other and maybe continue in social and cultural activities afterwards,” Sanne Fremlev, principal organizer of Study Aalborg’s Try Out project and consultant in the Health and Culture council in Aalborg Municipality, says.

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