Great success returns: Cozy summer run takes over the streets of Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

On such a gray, wet, and cold February day, it’s nice to dream away to summer in Aalborg with life in the streets, sun on your face, and plenty of cool experiences.

Now there’s yet another good reason to look forward to summer 2024.

Aalborg City and Aalborg Athletics & Motion are repeating last year’s success with the Aalborg City Run, where you can run/walk a very special route that takes you into the city’s cozy streets.

Aalborg City Run consists again this year of the Aalborg City Walk of approximately 2.5 km, Aalborg City 5 km, and Aalborg City 10 km.

Registration starts today, Monday, February 12th., and there are limited tickets available.

“Aalborg City Run is not just a sporting event. It’s the opportunity to have a lovely day in the city, and therefore, we are creating a cozy event space at Gammeltorv with activities for the whole family,” Cecilie Haversen from Aalborg City reveals.

Music, activities, and a very special route

Aalborg City Run takes place on a 2.5 km circuit that must be completed once, twice, or four times.

The route is a winding, charming, and intimate tour through several of the lovely shopping streets in Aalborg City. Along the way, there will be music, entertainment, and perhaps a little surprise or two.

“We have planned the day so that Aalborg City Walk takes place during the opening hours of the shops.

Aalborg City Walk is aimed at walkers and families with small children and is NOT intended for competitive racing. The route will NOT be closed off but will of course be marked and manned with guides,” Cecilie explains.

Aalborg City 5 km and Aalborg City 10 km start following the closing times of the shops, and here there is the opportunity – depending on temperament and physical ability – to jog or step up the pace.

“However, we want to point out that the route contains many turns, narrow alleys, and stretches of cobblestones, and therefore, it is less suitable for setting records,” Cecilie says.

You can sign up for the race here.

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