Great venture in Aalborg: Now you can watch unlimited movies for 199 kr

by Shellie Boudreau

We can find many reasons why it’s awesome to live in Aalborg.

Here is another excellent reason.

We are guessing you are a little like us. You like to share movie experiences with friends and family on the big screen and dive into popcorn and snacks. If this is the case, then hold on to your ticket – literally for a long time.

As one of the only places in Denmark now, you can purchase unlimited access to the cinema at Kennedy Arkaden. 

The price is jaw-dropping—only 199 kr as a monthly subscription

Unlimited access – all movies at all times

From October 14, Nordisk Film Biografer in the city center has opened its doors to delighted guests ready to join the great venture. 

The subscription is called  BIOPLUS Unlimited and is available for purchase here.

The subscription gives you unlimited access to watch all movies at any time and as often as you wish. The deal is priced at 199 kr per month. Notably, there is a minimum contract period of six months but after this, it is reduced to a month.

Jan Ringtved, director of Nordisk FIlm BIografer Kennedy

“For several years, we received similar feedback in our satisfaction surveys about ideas for getting our guests to visit more regularly.

Therefore, we are very excited to see how Aalborg responds to our special offer as it is one-of-a-kind in all of Denmark,” Jan Ringtved, director at Nordisk Film Biografer Kennedy, explains.

No subscription restrictions

The skeptical movie-goer might think:

“199 kr., unlimited access to ALL films in the cinema. What am I missing!?”

Here, at our office, we also thought we missed something. The offer sounds too good to be true. Further, we have not heard of a subscription-based offer before.

Alas. There are no mysteries or small font print concerning the subscription offer. The subscription is valid for even and odd weeks, days or weekends, regular or new films. 

“When we say no restrictions, we mean no restrictions.

The subscription applies to all regular screenings, and you pick up the tickets using or the NFBIO-app,” Jan Ringtved says.

You can have up to ten active bookings for movies in the app, given that the booking is not at the same time and date unless you can defy the law of Newtonian physics and be two places at once.

BioPlus Unlimited is not valid for special events, for example, opera, live events, or special arrangements with catering, and can’t be combined with any other offers or discounts (e.g. Biografklub Danmark).

Photo: Okan Gültekin

Bring your friends

Perhaps you are already sold on the concept of unlimited movies, but you want some friends to join you at the cinema.  Well, your subscription helps your friends too.

With BIOPLUS Unlimited subscription, you can win the hearts of your friends easily. If your friend or friends join you at the cinema, they will get a discount on their tickets. 

As a member, you will get a 20 kr discount on the first additional ticket and a 10 kr discount on the next seven if they join you for a movie. Now that is a lot of friends. 

So you can easily take a bunch of friends, colleagues, and family with you and share an evening of entertainment. 

As easy as can be for a great cinema experience – as often as you want

The Cinema subscription is a novel offer in Denmark, but the success of the offer has been observed in Europe and the US. 

The subscription idea, however, is similar to others you may know. Such as the Season or Yearly Pass for Fårup Sommerland, Aalborg ZOO, Tivoli or Legeland, explains Casper Bonavent, the director of Nordisk Film Biografer:

“Many of our guests requested year or season passes so they can enjoy movies whenever it fits without worrying about ticket prices.

At the same time, it should be possible to go to the cinema often and select and enjoy a variety of new films, Danish and foreign.

By taking all of these requests into consideration, we are pleased to announce BIOPLUS Unlimited and look forward to seeing how our movie-goers respond to our great venture at Aalborg Kennedy,” Casper Bonavent says.

With the subscription, you can look forward to many anticipated films this fall, such as the 25th James Bond film No Time To Die and a revival of Ghostbusters later this year.

Additionally there other big Danish films we look forward to showing such as  Ole Bornedals Skyggen i mit øje and Hvidstensgruppen: De Efterladte.

Spiderman returns to the big screen alongside films for the kids or the young-at-heart this Christmas, such as the sequel to Sing.

You can read more about the subscription offer BIOPLUS UNLIMITED here.

(FYI: You must be 18 år to have a subscription to BIOPLUS Unlimited)

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