Grøn Concert reveals: Here are the first headliners

by Ashton Christensen

It will be very special when Grøn Concert goes on tour this summer as the festival can celebrate 40 years of partying and community. 

The first two headliners have now been revealed.

You can look forward to none other than one of the finest live acts in Denmark, Saveus, and the legendary pop group AQUA.

Grøn 2023 will take place from July 20th to the 30th across the country. Jacob Haugaard and Simon TJ will host the ‘Green Stage’, as is tradition, while Mai-Britt Vingsøe and Lars Johansson will host the NOVA Stage.

In Aalborg, it will be July 23rd that we can look forward to plenty of concerts.

One of Denmark’s biggest live artists

AQUA made their debut at Grøn Concert 25 years ago and since then performed several times, while Saveus is among the newer ‘Green’ names, which hopefully will be on the lineup for many years to come.

Saveus’ lead singer, Martin Hedegaard, has been to ‘Grøn koncert’ once before in 2019 where he played at the NOVA stage. 

Now he is looking forward to celebrating 40 years with Grøn:

“Grøn Concert has a very special DNA that combines so much love and togetherness, and this year marks Grøn’s 40th birthday.

‘Grøn’ deserves to be celebrated in style, and I am looking forward to being a part of it,” Martin Hedegaard says in a press release from ‘Grøn’.

Since the surprising debut at P3 Guld in 2015 with the smash hit “Levitate Me”, Saveus has established itself as one of the great pop bands of our time with several radio hits and performances on the country’s biggest stages.

On the live stage, Saveus’ performances are both energetic and engaging, which can be experienced across the country for ‘Grøn koncert’ this summer.

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“The coolest backyard party in the world”

While Saveus is still relatively new to ‘Grøn’, AQUA is among the most established names at the festival.

AQUA first participated in ‘Grøn koncert’ 25 years ago in 1998 and has since been part of the festival three times: 2001, 2008, and 2018.

That’s why they were an obvious choice to invite to this year’s special tour, and AQUA is looking forward to celebrating 40 years with Grøn:

“We are incredibly excited to see the audience and party with them. We’re looking forward to the entirety of ‘Grøn’ because it always feels like the coolest garden party in the world – and this year, we have a really good set-up!” AQUA says.

AQUA is a true legend in the Danish music scene and is still one of the country’s biggest export successes ever.

With hits like “Turn Back Time”, “My Mamma Said”, “Around the World”, “Doctor Jones”, and of course “Barbie Girl”, AQUA has delivered numerous hits that Danes will undoubtedly sing along to when the band joins the ‘Grøn tour’ for the fifth time this summer.

Ticket sales just started

Both Tuborg and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation are looking forward to creating new summer memories and experiences with the Danes, celebrating 40 years of ‘Grøn’ and, not least, with a good cause in mind.

“We are very happy to announce Saveus and AQUA as the first two artists for this year’s Grøn tour. It will be a huge party with lots of energy.

We look forward to celebrating a Danish tradition that has existed for 40 years and still attracts 160,000 people every summer. It’s unique. It’s a party. It’s a community,” Theis Petersen, Head of Fundraising, explains.

Tour Plan 2023:

  • July 20th: Tårnby
  • July 21st: Kolding
  • July 22nd: Aarhus
  • July 23rd: Aalborg
  • July 27th: Esbjerg
  • July 28th: Odense
  • July 29th: Næstved
  • July 30th: Valby

“Grøn” is coming to Aalborg on July 23rd.

Ticket sales have started. You can find tickets and more information about “Grøn” 2023 here.

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