Guf & Kugler ready for the new season: Here are the ice cream flavors you must try

by Ashton Christensen

Even though the weather hasn’t turned full-spring mode yet, higher temperatures, more sunshine, and lots of light are coming our way.

And that means it’s now socially acceptable to eat ice cream again.

In Aalborg, ice cream doesn’t get better than Guf & Kugler who finally reopened their shop after months of “winter hibernation.” 

It wouldn’t be a proper season-opening without tempting news, and of course, the two owners have many delicacies ready behind their disk at Slotsgade.

Two new ice cream varieties every month

And as for something new, you’ll find that Guf & Kugler are showcasing an “ice cream of the month,” and there will be two new flavors. 

We can say hello to a delicious flødebolle-ice cream (chocolate-covered marshmallow) and Daim-ice cream with lots of crushed Daim in March.

“It’s foul, but in a good way,” Søster Guf explained when we visited them. 

They recommend you try the Daim-ice cream served as a Gourmet Shake.  You can create the shake with two optional scoops of ice cream, soft ice, and whole milk.

The Gourmet shake should be combined with their liquor-ice cream, Zuppa, which gives a delicious spice to the fatty cream.

Spaghetti-ice cream?!?! in a waffle bowl

Other than that, the two sisters have been in their creative dessert-workshop to make some magic once again. They’ve created waffle bowls from a good portion of vanilla, butter, and “all the other goodies.”

In the waffle bowls, you can place the exact ice-cream flavors you would like, but you can also try your luck with another novelty.

Guf & Kugler just started making spaghetti… or rather… They’ve gotten a spaghetti-tip for their soft ice-machine so that you now can enjoy soft-ice in a completely different way.

“We recommend that you get lots of delicious parmesan sprinkled all over the ice cream,” Søster Guf says.

Are you confused? Don’t worry; the parmesan at Guf & Kugler is naturally white shredded chocolate, which kind of looks like cheese.

Besides tempting soft ice from Vebbestrup Mejeri, the ice cream counter was filled with the following varieties (when we visited them earlier in March):

Salted Caramel, Blackcurrant Cream, Daim, Pineapple Split, “Flødebolle” ice cream, White Chocolate, Raspberry Sorbet, Orange Sorbet, Rhubarb Sorbet, Sea Buckthorn, Licorice, Mint / Choko, Choko / Licorice, Coffee, Stracciatella, Nougat, Blueberry, Zuppa, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Smarties, Organic Vanilla, Strawberry

If you aren’t in an ice cream mood, Guf & Kugler now offers a beer named Special Bryg.

“The beer is crafted with flavors from our very own kitchen, and you’ll taste licorice AND chocolate in the beer,” Søster Guf explains.

The opening hours in March is Monday through Friday 12:00-17:00 and Saturday from 12:00-16:00.  They are closed Sunday.

They’re open all Easter, and the opening hours will change as we experience higher and higher temperatures.

If you’d rather take a trip to the headquarters in Nibe, the shop opens on March 26. 

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