Handmade gelato and tapas: New Mediterranean café opens in the city center

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

You may have noticed some activity in Algade.

A new café has announced its arrival and is soon ready to welcome the people of Aalborg.

They have already given a taste of what to look forward to by moving their ice cream counter filled with the most delicious handmade gelato out onto the street while the weather was at its best.

This weekend, it’s time for Café Lolipop to open with a full menu, offering both Italian, Spanish, and French dishes.

Affogato, gelato, and bruschetta

The theme of the café is Mediterranean.

Behind it is Jean, who has a great passion for providing his customers with high quality.

“We want the top products but keep the prices suitable for the people of Northern Jutland. It’s important that people can come into a cozy place where they feel at home,” he says.

He has previously run a hotel in Skagen and most recently operated the mint-green ice cream shop in front of Friis.

For a long time, he was on the hunt for the perfect location in the city center, and now it’s time.

The café will have 100 seats, many of which are in the cozy backyard that extends from the premises.

The menu will include everything from brunch, tapas, sandwiches, and salads to their so-called “on the way to work” options.

But there will also be delicious barista coffee, cakes, and handmade gelato with flavors such as Gin Hass, Dolce de Leche, and strawberry sorbet made with 2 kilos of fresh strawberries.

High quality at low prices

And the common thread throughout is high quality at low prices.

All dishes except for brunch and their tapas menus cost under 100 kroner.

For example, you can get a cappuccino or a latte for 30 kroner.

As the perfect summer snack, you can also get affogato, which combines their gelato with barista coffee.

“Everything is made from scratch. We receive supplies every day and ensure we only have the freshest ingredients,” the café owner says.

Preparations are still in full swing, and they are working hard to be ready for the weekend’s opening.

The café will be open every day from 8:30 to 19:00.

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