Have you seen them?: Mysterious teddy bears placed around Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Yesterday, it was reported in several media outlets that several hundred bloody teddy bears had been placed around Copenhagen.

But it’s not only in the capital that the mysterious teddy bears are placed.

Here in Aalborg, we at the editorial office have spotted bears in several places – from Vesterbro to Nytorv in the city center.

The bears are neither lost by inattentive children nor placed for you to take home.

No, the reason for placing the bears is much more serious.

This is why they’re in the cityscape

The bears carry a small sign with the text: “My child is missing.”

The bears are placed in the city by the organization “Bring them home now.”

According to the organization, the goal is to draw attention to around 40 children being held hostage by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Hamas is in open warfare with Israel, and during the recent hostilities, a large number of Israelis were taken hostage and are being held captive.

“They have not been visited by any NGO, not even the Red Cross, for six weeks. We need help from UNICEF Denmark. These children need to be brought home to their families and safety,” the profile bringhomenowdk writes on Instagram.

Every time you scan the QR code, a video from bringhomenowdk’s Instagram is displayed.

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