Healthy and delicious in Aalborg: Here are the city’s best places to eat

by Megan McPhee Christensen

January has arrived and for many, that means trying to live healthier.

This might mean a new intensive training routine is underway and/or some changes in eating habits.

Even though the city has come to be known as a burger mecca, luckily there are more and more places that are going all-in on making healthy living easy and delicious.

We have put together a list of our personal favorites, which you can enjoy when your good conscience really needs an extra boost.

… if you’re more into a sinful January then head on over and read our guide to the best hangover food in Aalborg.

Caspars, Algade 55

Caspars has gradually established itself as one of the city’s most popular takeaway places and it has become a delicious and healthy alternative to the many temptations around the city.

They excel at making delicious sandwiches, fresh salads, and, not least, super healthy juices, freshly squeezed on the spot.

In addition, it is worth mentioning their irresistible poké bowls where you can save a few calories (if need be) by skipping the dressing.

See the full menu here.

Din Vitamin Bar, Kastetvej 41

If you live on the west side of town, it’s also possible to pick up healthy takeaway without having to go too far. There is no reason to overexert yourself – right?

At Din Vitamin Bar, they have a vision to deliver healthy and tasty food made from the best fresh ingredients.

Here you can get a wide and varied selection of everything from sandwiches, burgers, wraps, egg bowls, and much more.

In addition, they also offer a sumptuous salad bar where almost every taste bud can be satisfied with just a single glance.

See the full menu here.

… psst: Din Vitamin Bar also has a sister restaurant called Din Pita Bar where you can be tempted by their delicious pita bowls, among other things. More info here.

Nadias Sandwich, several locations in Aalborg

Nadias is an institution in Aalborg and every day for lunch, the shops around the city abound with hungry people who must have their stomachs filled with delicious sandwiches or fresh salads. And Nadias delivers just that.

You can, of course, choose one of their healthy sandwiches and opt-out of mayo, dressing, or fried items. Or you can choose to go all-in on one of their many delicious salads, where you can both buy ready-mixed ones or mix your very own. The salad bar is filled with fresh vegetables, meat, and lots of accessories waiting to be tasted.

You can find the menu here.

Penny Lane, Boulevarden 1A

At first glance, “healthy” may not be the initial word you would associate with the popular pastry café on Boulevarden.

But as time has passed, Penny Lane has also managed to catch up on the health front, and this autumn they even got a brand new online system that should make it both easy and convenient to order healthy takeaway online.

The menu entices with everything from sandwiches and wraps to aesthetic salads in all colors of the rainbow.

See the full menu here.

We Feat, Boulevarden 12

One cannot say healthy, nutritious, and tasty food in Aalborg without mentioning We Feat.

The concept has also arrived in Aarhus now, and with its 100% organic fresh bowls, delicious juices, and sugar-free delicacies, We Feat has won the hearts of many.

The menu is simple and focused on the main mantra; that everything must be healthy and good for both body and soul.

So whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, allergy sufferer, man, woman, hungry or just need a little positive energy, We Feat is the place for you.

See the full menu here.

Bogø Sandwich, several locations in Aalborg

Wherever you are in Aalborg, you are never far away from a Bogø Sandwich and in 2020, they also opened their doors to a completely new location on the east side of Aalborg.

Bogø is known for having a menu where there really is something for everyone – from sandwiches and kebabs to sushi, burgers, open sandwiches, etc., etc.

But they have also started making delicious salad bowls, all of which are served on a base of healthy greens.

You can choose just how healthy the salad should be with a selection that ranges from tuna & eggs to shawarma, salmon or chicken to falafel, or our personal favorite; Crispy chicken.

See the entire selection here.

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