Heavy-hearted Christmas news: Christmas market on Gammeltorv cancelled

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The sad news about Christmas just keeps rolling in.

Firstly, it was announced that the skating rink at C.W. Obels Plads is not opening this year due to Corona.

Now, we can also report another knock on Christmas festivities: The annual Christmas market on Gammeltorv is officially canceled. Aalborg City announced the news in a press release.

”This is very regrettable but with the rising infection rate in Aalborg City, we, unfortunately, need to handle the situation and cancel our traditional Christmas market on Gammeltorv,” Flemming Thingbak, the director of Aalborg City, says.

”We have worked with Aalborg Municipality and relevant authorities, and every way we plan a scenario, for example, with fewer tables, more space, etc.… – we cannot make ends meet, which of course displeases us.

A (Christmas) light in the darkness

”Even though we wave goodbye to the Christmas market this year, there is still a lot of Christmas going on in Aalborg City.

This year, Gammeltorv will shine with hundreds of beautifully decorated Christmas. 

Despite the cancellation of the Christmas market, we must ensure that the historic square in the city’s heart is still beautiful and illuminates Christmas. So as a guest or customer, you can enjoy a wonderful Christmas experience,” Flemming Thingbak promises.

”With that said, we are so lucky that many of the stores and shops are backing the joint Christmas lighting project. The project will provide new lights to illuminate the greater area of the city center.  You can experience joy gazing at these lights from the pedestrian streets and beyond – pretty much everywhere. Of course, the Salling store shop windows and facade is yet again a stage-worthy attraction.” 

Additionally, Aalborg City is also fully engaged as many of the shops are hanging up Christmas decorations in their stores, facades, and shop windows.

”Nytorv is under construction with an extensive renovation, and in collaboration with Aalborg Municipality, there will still be a set up of lights and an almond cart. So the traditional scents of Christmas will fill the city center streets,” Flemming Thingbak explains.

Things will hopefully be well in 2021

Given that the Christmas market was interrupted this year, Aalborg City has already started planning and developing additional ideas for 2021.  

”The renovation of Nytorv should be complete by next year – and thus, we plan to step up the market experiences through additional investments in the stalls and lighting. And just like everyone else, I hope that Covid-19 is under control and defeated,” Flemming Thingbak, director of Aalborg City, concludes.

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