Hole in one: You have to visit this “hidden” restaurant

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Here at MyAalborg, we never hesitate to recommend the city’s many dining spots.

In and around the city center, you can find food representing most corners of the world – but we also often sense that many actually prefer to stay within the country’s borders.

One should not underestimate Danish cuisine, and there is a very special place, just outside the city center, that truly knows this.

Restaurant Jægerspris, located at Aalborg Golf Club, has often been recommended to us, but we had never visited – until now.

Everything is made from scratch

We had a preconceived notion that one had to show up in a polo shirt and with a golf club in hand, but that was thoroughly dispelled when we visited Jægerspris this weekend for a good lunch.

Restaurant Jægerspris has existed in its current form since August 2020, and here, good taste and culinary craftsmanship are the focus.

Everything is made from scratch with Danish ingredients, of course using seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The menu features classic dishes such as beef sandwich, steak tartare, scrambled eggs, and much more.

You can see their menu here.

Renowned for its smørrebrød

However, Jægerspris is especially known for its fantastic and classic smørrebrød, which look like small works of art when they arrive on the plate.

The sweet waiter helped us choose, and when he described himself as “a real fish fillet guy,” we were completely convinced.

So, we opted for a good old-fashioned potato sandwich with new potatoes cooked with herbs, lovage mayo, pickled onions, red onions, crispy chicken skin & herbs – and a fish fillet with seasonal flatfish, hand-peeled shrimp, dill mayo, and herbs.

The “rye bread sandwiches” cost 60 and 70 DKK respectively, making them some of the city’s cheapest – but undoubtedly also the best.

Fantastic food

The menu was so tempting that we had to order even more.

Homemade warm meatballs with stewed pointed cabbage with homemade rye bread and butter, as well as the Dish of the Day, which was Moules Frites with fries and aioli.

We were simply blown away by the smallest details in the dishes.

For example, the rye bread with the meatballs was some of the best we’ve ever tasted – and the same went for the fries and aioli with the Dish of the Day.

Everything else was, of course, also good. Very good, indeed.

Surprisingly cheap

While we were eating, the sky opened up over the golf course, and many ambitious golfers started gathering on the terraces and in the restaurant.

The club atmosphere filled the room in a good way, and even though we were among the only ones not wearing matching polo shirts and with wet hair, we did not feel out of place at all.

In fact, it was a pure pleasure to experience Aalborg Golf Club from the inside, and we were genuinely envious that they can combine their sport with a meal at Jægerspris.

It’s a canteen arrangement that really stands out.

We were even happier when we had to pay and ended up with a bill of 395 DKK for two solid pieces of smørrebrød, Moules Frites, and the meatball dish, as well as two drinks.

We felt like we had emptied the menu, yet we didn’t feel ripped off.

But golf is supposed to be an expensive sport, so now we’re seriously considering joining if we can eat so well and cheaply instead.

Jægerspris is open to everyone during its opening hours, which are as follows:

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 11:00-22:00 (Kitchen: 11:30-21:30)

Saturday, 10:00-22:00 (Kitchen: 11:30-21:30)

Sunday & holidays: 10:00-17:00 (Kitchen: 11:30-16:30)

You can read more and book a table here.

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