Hot chocolate remedies for frostbite: Here are three sinful suggestions 

by Shellie Boudreau

Warning this post contains X-rated content. So let us not waste any more time.

T’was the night before snowfall, and all through the day, the cold pierced my warm winter clothes, except in the café. 

If you live in Aalborg, we have some sweet and sinful remedies to fight off the cold.

First things first. Consider that there are shelters from the cold, i.e., cozy cafés that offer warm drinks and a place to defrost. But we have one particular café in mind.

Next, consider the best hot winter drink.  You probably imagined hot cocoa, and fortunately, there are many good options in town. But we have one particular café in mind.

Why is this so?

Buens Bogcafé has launched three hot cocoa options most appropriately named for the season:

  1. Santa Daddy
  2. Hot Choc Slut
  3. Nut Today Satan

Can a rose go by any other name? So, of course, we stopped by Maren Turis Gade 12 and sipped on all three. 

 How could you not want to try all three? 

Traditional, spicy, and Nutella flavored

We confirm that the tastes lived up to the names. So there is something sinfully good to remedy the cold winter chills for everyone.

Santa Daddy is a traditional warm cacao drink made with mint syrup, milk, whipped cream, sugar cane, Christmas foam, and cocoa nibs. If you love After Eight chocolate, then Santa Daddy will be an obvious choice for you.

If you want more complexity for your sophisticated taste buds – and you don’t mind a drink with a bite – then we recommend the Hot Choc Slut. This drink earned its hotness from the chili syrup, milk, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, cayenne pepper, and cocoa crumbs.

Last but not least, our favorite. We thought the Nut Today Satan gave off a warm Nutella flavor.  Perhaps the mix of hazelnut syrup, milk, whipped cream, a small waffle, chopped hazelnuts, and cocoa crumbs would explain why.

Each type of cocoa costs DKK 60, and you can choose between regular and oat milk.

You may be thinking, is that all the x-rated content? Well, not exactly.

With the hot cocoa, no matter how sinful, comes a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in Buens Bogcafé’s colorful rooms. Filled with Christmas music, there is a Christmas spirit in the air here – but there is more than just spirit available.

Triple X ratings with wings

Maybe this isn’t for you, but we think you might want a chance to enjoy all shapes and forms of fun this season. 

Or perhaps you want something sweet. You could consider a honey heart topped with some… ahem… exciting motifs.

Owner Kristine Sofie Højen explains that the pictures were made by the artist Rikke Villadsen. Over time the artist grew tired of receiving unwanted dick pics, so she turned the situation into an opportunity. 

Therefore, she asked men to send her pictures of their nobler parts and consent to turning them into glamor shots. Now you can see all shapes and forms.

We are not sure if it will be X-rated cakes, hot cocoa, or exciting books, but no doubt there is nothing left off the menu at Buens Bogcafé to entice you to warm up.

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