Huge announcement: Christmas at the Zoo presents “Dino in the Dark”

by Ashton Christensen

We can’t be the only ones counting down to this year’s Christmas at the Zoo.

Aalborg Zoo revealed that there are many great things to look forward to this year.

For this year’s Christmas at the Zoo, you can also explore the darkness for the first time and experience the dinosaur exhibition “Dino in the dark.”

There will be views of the starry sky and moonlight, and Aalborg Zoo will mess around with the dramatic silhouettes and shadows of the most extraordinary animals of the past.

You probably can’t avoid a little Christmas scare if you let your imagination run wild in the dark, and it might be a good idea for the little ones to hold on to mom or dad’s hand as you explore the dark universe.

Christmas at Zoo opens on November 12, 2021. Check opening times and events here.

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