Huge building turns into haunted attraction: Can you handle Aalborg’s spookiest event?

by Shellie Boudreau

Update – there is a high demand so book your tickets quickly

Do you have the courage to face your biggest fears? Can you handle an adrenaline rush? Will you push your boundaries?

If yes, then read on.

Two weekends in October, an old building located by the Limfjordsbanen (railroad) in Aalborg will transform into a house of horror.

Imagine the scariest horror film turn into reality.

Like the one where the girl from The Ring chases you and dead bodies haunt you.

This event will make the chainsaw massacre look like a children’s movie.

This is what the railway looks like DURING DAYTIME.

Welcome to the END STATION

You will enter into a universe called the “END STATION,” an abandoned train station terrorized by gruesome creatures.

In 1932, the station closed, and activities halted as people continued to vanish at the railway.

There are whispers that the evil dead gathers at the old station and trap the living into their cursed existence.

Beware of the dead train folk as you pass through. The evil and fear that lay beyond death possesses them.

You will also discover characters from horror movies, which have amde their way to the END STATION.

The minds behind the design and construction of the haunted attraction are the Alchohol Team and actors.

These minds are amongst the best in Denmark and are known for their carnival parades and houses of horror.

Ticket sales recently started (scroll down for practical information). There is a limited number so book them quickly.

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Torture house in the middle of Aalborg

The torture house in the middle of Aalborg will be authentic. Here your worst nightmares will come alive and terrify you. Your skin will sweat, your fingers will tingle, and your heart will race as your body enters survival mode.

In collaboration with the Alcohol Team, MigogAalborg/MyAalborg invites you to the House of Horror in the middle of Aalborg.

The event runs Friday, October 8, and Saturday, October 9, and again the following week on Friday, October 15, and Saturday, October 16.

This year the creepiest and supernatural imaginations are set free in the city of Aalborg.

Lifelike props and actors move about inspiring a believable haunted house

For the first time, the haunted attraction will be in buildings at the Limfjords railway station.

Ghost trains

The trains are located on Hjulmagervej where the old depot is a workshop and hangar for veteran trains.

These trains create a mysterious scene and serve as a spine-chilling prop for the House of Horror.

It takes 10 minutes to walk there from the train station and is easily accessible by car.

Once you arrive, prepare yourself for a hair-raising experience combined with laughs and screams.

The experience is about 30 minutes, and afterward, you can rest and giggle about how loud you screamed and how high you jumped with friends and family.

Remember you can get a pre-sale on our big food festivals, parties, and other events in Aalborg.

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Practical Info

  • You buy a ticket for a specific time slot – be there at that time.
  • The experience is approx. 30 minutes.
  • Groups are formed as 10 persons.
  • It is recommended that you are 16 years or older
  • Tickets are 150 kr. per persons + ticket fee
  • Pregnant or elderly with poor health are not advised to try the experience.
  • There is a limited number of tickets – so act quickly.

You can order tickets here.

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