Huge grand opening: Shaping New Tomorrow’s new women’s clothing store now open

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Today is a significant day in the retail world in Aalborg, as another chapter is added to the already thick book of one of the great entrepreneurial success stories in Northern Jutland.

Shaping New Tomorrow has taken Aalborg, Denmark, and Europe by storm in recent years, and today they are entering a brand new market.

Today, Friday, November 3rd, they have opened a brand-new women’s clothing store at Boulevarden 22. Visitors can enjoy discounts and refreshments.

“Explore the new Fall/Winter collection – Get a 20% discount when buying 2 or more items – Goodie bags for the first 50 guests each day for the first 3 days – Refreshments, DJ, and a cozy atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you,” they’ve announced on Facebook.

In very well-known premises

For years, Shaping New Tomorrow has been synonymous with quality, style, and comfort in men’s fashion.

Their unique approach to design and materials has made them a dominant force in the fashion industry, and now it’s women all over the world who will benefit from it, even with a physical store.

The store will not be located just anywhere, though.

In fact, it is opening in the very same premises where Shaping New Tomorrow was before they moved to Østerågade.

Regarding the choice of location, Kasper Ulrich said to MyAalborg:

“Boulevarden 22 holds nostalgic memories for us. We literally built the store from the ground up back in the day. We spent several years in those premises, and it was where our entrepreneurial journey took off and flourished.”

Tested in Copenhagen

Although Shaping New Tomorrow’s women’s clothing is still relatively new in the family, it is still a well-considered choice to give the range its own store.

“We are already experiencing high demand from our female customers, and the feedback on our women’s clothing has been nothing short of fantastic so far.

For us, having a physical store is essential to create an extraordinary experience, and the new store on Boulevarden in Aalborg is intended to ensure that we are as close to the consumer as possible,” Kasper Ulrich explains, adding:

“I believe that, together with our customers and their feedback, we can gradually improve our women’s collection, just as we do in our men’s stores.

Therefore, we are looking forward to welcoming our female customers in the nostalgic premises, which will hopefully flourish in the same way.”

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