Huge international tour: Magical Harry Potter show is coming to Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

There are millions of Harry Potter-fans all around the world.

Now the fans in North Jutland can look forward to an extraordinary experience in Aalborg this Autumn.

The London Philharmonic & Symphonic Film Orchestra is giving a live performance on November 29 at the  Aalborg Congress and Culture Center (AKKC). This magical performance combines choir, soloists, and a member of the Weasley family.

All the best music from the films

This upcoming musical is based upon Harry Potter – Live and is an utterly unique experience worth seeking. There is no doubt it will bring magic to Aalborg this November.

As part of the European tour, all the best music from the Harry Potter films and the musical Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be part of the show when The London Philharmonic & Symphonic Film Orchestra enters the stage.

Oh yeah, and hold onto your broomstick because an actor from the Wesley family will join the stage.  This means all kinds of fun and humor, surely making for an unforgettable and charming evening.

It is terribly inconvenient that we are not Seers – and do not know who will make the trip to Aalborg from the Weasley family.

A musical journey into a magical world

The concert will also be a musical journey into Harry Potter’s world with friendship, adventure, love, and togetherness in the dangerous world of magic.

Audiences should prepare themselves to be enchanted and to wander away to another world. The orchestrated light, sound, and laser staging are so cutting edge that it will seem like nothing short of wizardry.  And the sound dimensions are so compelling all your goosebumps will awaken.

Indeed these sound and visual effects will dance upon the hearts of every Harry Potter fan.

The audience can experience music from the musical “Best of Harry Potter” and music from all eight films and musical works written by the four talented composers.

These composers include, for example, John Williams (Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park). He composed the music for the first three films, the famous Hedwig theme, the theme song for the Harry Potter films as well as Double Trouble – the classic Hogwarts motif with children’s choir and the funny aunt Margins Waltz and the Witches, Wands and Wizard and titles like Hogwarts Hymn by Patrick Doyle from the fourth Harry Potter movie.

Tickets for the November 29 event are now on sale here.

Ticket prices range from 480 – 680 kr.

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