Huge mirror tent at Nordkraft: Aalborg is home to a real world premiere

by Ashton Christensen

A fantastic event that appears in many large cities across the globe is showcasing in Aalborg.

The show, Majestique, will appear later in New York, Paris, and London. But the very first show is starting in our city, and the initial response by audiences has been terrific. 

There’s no doubt that it’s a remarkable show on a different level than what we’ve ever experienced in Denmark.

International stars in a crazy show

Multiple performers are international stars, such as Ursula Martinez who is arguably one of the most legendary cabaret performers in the world.

In the next couple of days, you’ll be abe to experience her and the other performers in the famous mirror tent at Nordkraft, which Skråen has set up.

The preview of the show was held last week.

“Majestique is the most entertaining, elegant, and diverse adult circus performance I’ve ever experienced…five massive stars,” one reviewer wrote about the Canadian/English circus cabaret in the iconic dutch mirror tent Paradiso by Nordkraft in Aalborg. 

The audience’s excitement was overwhelming due to a mixture of thrill and nostalgic romanticism. Above all, the Majestique’s world-class artists’ desire to entertain, excite, and surprise is an intoxicating experience.

Many exciting artists are participating

Now they’re back in Aalborg again with the world premiere of a completely new performance, which is extraordinary, dangerous, and comical where you, amongst other things, can experience:

URSULA MARTINEZ, a world-renowned English legend with her crazy comic and challenging magic. Taste test at

DAREDEVIL CHICKEN from Las Vegas returns with their unimaginably funny and particular raw slapsticks.

MICHAEL BETRIAN, a new young top name, one of the worlds’ leading diablo artists with an energetic disco diablo show inspired by John Travolta.

ROCKY LANES, a singer from New York, is an explosion of energy, voices, and a fascinating performance.

CORNELIUS ATKINSON is a true master of air tricks and acrobatic skills.

CABARET DÉCADANSE is back directly from Montreal. A rolling, sexy, and funny “puppet party” for adults. After many years of touring the world, these funny puppet masters are presenting their newest creations.

LUCKY HELL, high glamour Australian superstar sword swallower, bringing this mysterious and old circus art to new levels.

NATHAN & ISIS dangerous acrobatic technique and a little naughty British charm.

KATHARINE ARNOLD is flying through the air. This magnificent circus legend from Cirque Du Soleil has almost done it all.

MELANIE CHY combines the mental strength from a martial art master and agility of an Olympic gymnast with hand balance in a jaw-dropping routine.

“It’s an atmosphere filled with a funny yet elegant adult circus inspired by the elder variety. It’s here, now, live, and fabulicious,” the reviewers wrote last year. 

Majestique is without a doubt the most spectacular show you’ll experience this summer.

Experience Majestique these days and times

Thursday, September 2, at 20:00

Friday, September 3, at 21:00

Saturday, September 4, 21:00

Sunday, September 5, 20:00

Buy tickets here.

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