Huge party ahead: Artists ready to perform night concerts at Nibe 2023

by Ashton Christensen

Nibe Festival 2023 has already presented popular artists like OneRepublic, Zara Larsson, Lukas Graham, The Minds of 99, Nik & Jay, Tobias Rahim, and MANY more.

They’re now ready with more striking news.

Nibe writes in a press release that Tessa, Emil Lange, Kato, and Artigeardit will perform their legendary night concerts at “Stor Scene”(the largest scene) at Nibe 2023.


One of the hottest Danish artists is gearing up for Nibe. Super modern with a new and highly praised album.

On the Danish album chart, “Længe Leve” hit number one. And all ten tracks on the album hit the singles chart’s top 40 – “Længe Leve“, “Ensom“, Tetovo” and “Snubler” at rankings 2, 3, 4, and 6.

Add “Er Her“, “Hvor Fuck Er Min Drink?“, “Vågen“, “Gothersgade“, “Ses Senere“, all the other big hits, and you’ve planned an unforgettable Friday night at Nibe.


A night party is assured as Tessa pops champagne on Wednesday night for a terrific end to a day featuring Lukas Graham, world-renowned Zara Larsson, and L.O.C. playing on “Stor Scene”.

Imagine “Ben“, “Lågsus For Evigt“, “To the Bank“, “Engangspxx“, “Blæstegnen“, and “Okay” in the middle of the night.

It’s bound to get wild when one of the country’s most popular female artists hits the bull’s eye in more ways than one in Skalskoven.

Emil Lange

Emil Lange is getting bigger and bigger. From 0 to full-speed party in seconds.

Emil Lange knocks over anything he touches. We saw his debut at “Stor Scene” in 2019, we saw him at Lyden Af Nibe in 2021, and last summer at “Blå Scene”(another scene).

You could probably define “Party” as Emil Lange.

Emil Lange is “Fuck You“, “Skiferie” and “10 år“. Emil Lange IS “Sindssyg“. Emil Lange is always the man of surprises, and fortunately for us, Emil Lange is ready for even more Nibe on Thursday night.


Kato from Thisted is peaking. A colossal comeback brought the likeable Kato right up to the exclusive list.

He will wrap up Skalskoven on Saturday night as the last name of the year at what is expected to be an unforgettable festival.

You’re gonna need a refreshed pair of ears as the musical “bike bags” are heavy and stuffed with hits like “Turn The Lights On“, “Helele“, “Hey Shorty (Yeah Yeah Part II)”, and “Dumt På Dig“.

The following names have already been published:

OneRepublic (June 30th), Zara Larsson (June 28th), Lukas Graham (June 28th), The Minds Of 99 (June 29th), Nik & Jay (July 1st), Tobias Rahim (June 30th), L.O.C. (June 28th), Artigeardit (June 30th), Tessa (June 28th), Emil Lange (June 29th), Kato (July 1st), Saveus (July 1st), Benjamin Hav & Familien (June 29th), Carpark North (June 29th), Hjalmer, Oh Land, Hugorm (June 29th), Lamin (June 30th), eee gee (June 29th), Danser Med Piger (June 30th) & PRISMA.

You can see the full Nibe 2023 line-up here

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