Huge street party in the middle of Aalborg: TooManyLeftHands ready to take over

by Shellie Boudreau

It is becoming a long-standing and legendary tradition.

Since 2018, the kings of the Danish nightclub scene, TooManyLeftHands, have been the force behind Aalborgs largest street party with their ‘Street party on Tour’ known to most as Gadefest On Tour.

But last year was an exception as it was unpredictable and our safety paramount.

But now times are changing, and the city is, once again, buzzing with life.

TooManyLeftHands recently announced that they are touring again. You can expect to see confetti, flames, and the wildest DJ Line-up. Moreover, the event is co-organized with Royal Unibrew.

Gadefest On Tour puts on huge parties in six different cities across Denmark, including Odense, Esbjerg, Viborg, Vejle, and Double-A (yeah!).

In Aalborg, the date is Friday, September 24. The gigantic party scene will be on Gammeltorv.

They can paint the town red

If there is anyone who knows how to celebrate and party all night long it is TooManyLeftHands.

So get ready to paint the town red with fun and cheer as there is a great party on the horizon.

It is difficult not to notice when Gadefest On Tour is here. In preparation for the event, they create a fantastic scene equipped with confetti and famous tones of electronic entertainment—a perfect combination for a massive and local street party with space for all of us.

From Gadefest On Tours iconic stage, the music is directed by TooManyLeftHands under the theme ‘‘TooManyLeftHands & Friends.” This DJ duo has also invited several local artists to join.

Booster Sort Energi, NightPay, Shaker & Smirnoff are sponsoring the event, and it is this strong collaboration that makes it possible for Gadefest On Tour to come again to Aalborg.

This year, they have an available VIP area with four hours of open bar.

Aside from this, the street party is free. Even better, you can help decide how much confetti there will be—the more persons signing up, the more confetti canons.

So get ready to party and add to the experience and confetti canons right here.

Hvad: Streetparty on Tour
Hvor: Gammeltorv
Hvornår: Friday, September 24

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