Iconic address: Denmark’s largest Søstrene Grene opens in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Later in 2024, the people of Aalborg will be able to visit a brand new Søstrene Grene when the retail chain opens Denmark’s largest Søstrene Grene in Algade, one of the two major commercial streets in Aalborg.

From the autumn of 2024, Aalborg will be proud to be the city with Denmark’s largest Søstrene Grene. The retail chain from Aarhus takes over CC:Christensen’s premises in Algade, including the 650 sqm large store.

This also means that Søstrene Grene at Nytorv will close after 35 years.

“The store at Nytorv was one of the very first stores we opened outside of Aarhus. Therefore, it will always be a symbol of the beginning of our expansion.

We have been extremely happy to be located at the address for so long, but when the opportunity to expand so significantly and offer our loyal customers in Aalborg Denmark’s largest Søstrene Grene came, we couldn’t say no,” co-owner and CEO Mikkel Grene, whose parents founded Søstrene Grene in 1973, says and adds:

“We are naturally incredibly happy and excited to move into such an iconic address in Aalborg, where we hope to stay for many years.

In this regard, we would like to thank Wagner Ejendomme and EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech, Aalborg, for the opportunity and the process of getting everything in place.”

A completely new shopping experience

In addition to the many extra square meters, Denmark’s largest Søstrene Grene will also offer customers a completely new shopping experience.

Over the past few years, Søstrene Grene has introduced a newer store concept called Retail for the Senses.

This concept is centered – as the name may suggest – around a sensory shopping experience.

Here, even more emphasis has been placed on the familiar store labyrinth as well as the colors and lighting in the store. In this way, the store will feel new both from the outside and inside.

“A visit to Søstrene Grene should be a break from a busy everyday life, where your senses are activated through the scent of wood, classical music, and the dark walls. We always work hard to ensure that a visit to our stores is a special experience,” Mikkel Grene explains.

Same friendly staff

If you are a loyal customer at Søstrene Grene in Nytorv, there will also be a special familiarity in the new store, as you will still be greeted by the same staff.

The store will not only be Denmark’s largest Søstrene Grene but actually one of the largest in the world.

Søstrene Grene has close to 280 stores across 16 markets.

The currently largest Søstrene Grene is located on Schlossstraβe in Berlin, and this store offers about 100 sqm more than the address in Algade.

Søstrene Grene is opening many new stores across European markets in these years. The retail chain expects to reach 300 stores in 2024 and 500 stores in 2027.

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