In familiar surroundings: Penny Lane opens new café in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

Penny Lane is undoubtedly one of Aalborg’s most popular cafés.

Now MyAalborg can reveal great news for all who love to visit the café with its cozy decor, good bread, irresistible cakes, and excellent service.

Penny Lane will open a brand new café in Aalborg in mid-March.

Penny Lane already has a café on Boulevarden, a mini-café at Aalborg Airport, and a branch at Aalborg Zoo.

In familiar surroundings 

The owner of Penny Lane, Jonas Nikolai Hütscher Hejlesen, is now opening another café in Aalborg. 

He is taking over Abbey Road’s premises at Kjellerupsgade 1A – a café he co-founded with the then-owners of Penny Lane.

“It will feel like coming home,” an excited Jonas says when we meet him at the “new” premises.

On March 1st, Penny Lane will take over the café and after that transform the premises so that when you visit the café, you step into the “Penny Lane” atmosphere.

“The premises need a proper makeover with cozy corners, a good atmosphere and packed with colour,” Jonas explains.

The unique feature of the décor will be a giant branch in the ceiling filled with handmade paper-crafted magnolia flowers.

“It was my late mother’s favourite flower and a way for her presence to live in the café,” says Jonas.

This is what Abbey Roads looks like today.


The familiar menu – and special opening hours 

The new Penny Lane will have a menu people know and love from the popular café on Boulevarden.

“We will have a cake display as the first thing to greet our guests. In addition, the menu will naturally include all our favorites such as brunch, salads, sandwiches, juices, coffee, tea and, of course, lots of cake,” Jonas says.

Familiar faces will be amongst the staff at the new Penny Lane as seasoned forces from the café’s other locations will also be on duty.

One is Oliver Olesen who has recently been in charge of operations at Aalborg Zoo. He will be the daily manager of Penny Lane on Kjellerupsgade.

Jonas and Oliver estimate there will be space for around 60 seated guests. There will also be cozy seating outside and a big focus on takeaway.

Oliver and Jonas

Opening hours will be very special as the new café already opens at 07:30 and closes again at 20:00.

“There’s a highway of cars, cyclists, and pedestrians in front of the premises every day who we hope will be tempted by our selection of to-go coffee, buns, etc.,” Jonas explains.

If all goes according to plan, Penny Lane on Kjellerupsgade will open mid-March.

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