Increases test capacity before Christmas: Falck opens 24-hour test center in Gigantium

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The North Denmark Region as well as other regions are turning up their test capacity ahead of Christmas.

Around 12.000 people in North Denmark will be able to get tested on a daily basis before Christmas.

Another option is the so-called “quick test” that has recently become available without charge at different private suppliers. One of these is located at Aalborg Airport, and they’re currently doing tests free of charge.

Now, another large test center is on its way to Aalborg. Falck already has a test center on Jørgen Berthelsens Vej 30 in Nørresundby but due to high demand, they’ll be opening four new centers in Hjørring, Hobro, Thisted, and Aalborg.

The centers in Hjørring, Hobro, and Thisted will open tomorrow, December 17, but Falck has just now made an agreement with Gigantium to open another test center inside their facilities in the near future (date to be announced soon).

The regional manager, Kjeld Brogaard, revealed the news to DR P4 Nordjylland.

MyAalborg will of course stay updated and reveal the date as soon as it’s possible.

Be aware of the guidelines

The center will be open 24 hours a day, and it’s expected to provide better options for quick tests ahead of Christmas.

It’s worth noting that the test in question is the “antigen-test”, which is less accurate than the tests being done by the North Denmark Region and TestCenter Denmark.

This means that you can carry an infection even if the test says otherwise. Therefore, it’s recommended that you do not undergo a quick test if you’re planning to visit a person who is especially vulnerable, an elderly person for instance, or if you want to be totally sure you’re not infected.

You should not undergo the antigen test if someone close to you is confirmed infected, and you want to check whether or not you have Covid-19.

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