Incredible news: The Tall Ships Races are returning to Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Aalborg Municipality
Photo: Aalborg Municipality

One of the biggest events in Aalborg is returning!

Aalborg Municipality has announced in a press release that the international sailing event, The Tall Ships Races, is coming back to Aalborg.

It will take place in 2026, marking the seventh time that Aalborg hosts this huge event where sailing ships from around the world compete in a friendly manner.

Ready to roll up their sleeves

The plan is for Aalborg to serve as the port for The Tall Ships Races from Thursday, July 30th, to Sunday, August 2nd.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome the many sailing ships, crew members, and spectators to Aalborg once again. The Tall Ships Races have provided unforgettable experiences for the people of Aalborg and our guests since the event first visited Aalborg in 1999. It is an event that has helped transform our city in a positive direction,” acting mayor Helle Frederiksen says.

The organizers are delighted that Aalborg has been chosen as the final port of the sailing race.

The hosting will take place in week 31 when many Aalborg residents have returned from their summer vacations, while there are still many tourists in Northern Jutland.

“This gives us the best conditions for creating an event where the entire city can participate, and at the same time, we have the opportunity to attract many visitors to Aalborg. We look forward to collaborating with the other ports, which we all know well. Likewise, it will be a great pleasure to plan and organize the event together with the business community in Aalborg and the many volunteers that an event of this caliber requires. So, we are ready to roll up our sleeves,” event manager Søren Thorst explains.

Once again, a celebration embracing the people of North Jutland, Aalborg residents, Danish and foreign tourists is being prepared.

When The Tall Ships Races were last in Aalborg in 2022, the event attracted 686,000 spectators and resulted in a total tourism expenditure of 97 million DKK in Aalborg.

Historically, The Tall Ships Races is one of the largest events Aalborg has hosted in terms of the number of spectators.

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