Inflation in Denmark: How to deal with rising prices? Buy food for less!

by Aleksandra Kopacz
Photo: Too Good To Go
Photo: Too Good To Go

Prices are rising in Denmark but it’s important to remember that good food equals a good mood!

Would you like to save money on takeaways or groceries?

Maybe you have already heard about Too Good To Go. If not, keep reading and you will learn more about this amazing concept.

The concept

Too Good To Go is a platform you can use to not only buy products much cheaper but also contribute to reducing food waste.

The concept is simple – the online platform connects stores and restaurants that have unsold food surplus with users who can buy it for a much lower price while preventing food from being thrown away.

The idea dates back to 2015 when the company was founded by five young Danish entrepreneurs.

In 2016, they took part in the second season of the Danish program “Løvens Hule” (Dragon’s Den), and the first meal was officially saved in Copenhagen in March 2016.

Even though the app was created in Denmark, nowadays it is widely used all over the world.

It took 10th place in the ranking of the most downloaded apps in the “food and drink” category in 2021 (source: Apptopia).

More than 51 million users have saved already more than 115 million bags with surplus goods, which corresponds to over 287,000 tons of CO2 saved.

Too Good To Go is currently available in 17 countries within Europe and North America. You can keep that in mind while travelling – maybe this could be a good way to experience new cuisines.

Too Good To Go in Aalborg

There are as well many places in Aalborg that cooperate with Too Good To Go.

You can get there warm or cold meals but also groceries or bread and pastries.

You can pick up your Magic Bag in:
Restaurants and buffets
SushiMania, Restaurant Flammen, Jensens Bøfhus, Suzumi, D’let – Den Grønne Køkken, Tian Fu, Li’s Kitchen, Minjiang
Cafes and bakeries:
Espresso House, Kaffebaren, Lagkagehuset, Penny Lane, Starbucks, Bagværk fra Meyers, Othello Bageriet, Adams Konditoriet og Bageriet
Aldi, Fakta, SuperBrugsen, Kvickly, Netto, Føtex, Lidl
Other places:
7-Eleven, Circle K, Hotel Gestus, Scandic – Aalborg City, Royal Unibrew, Carla Blomster

Photo: Too Good To Go

Advantages of using the app

Through the app, the meals are around 50% cheaper than their usual price.

You can check the places offering food in your neighborhood with the option that allows you to choose the maximum distance of food provider.

The pick-up is often available around 19 or 20 o’clock depending on the closing hours. If you prefer to have your goods delivered, you can check out the new option – Magic Parcel.

Part of the fun is the surprise – you can only choose the place from which you order the food, but the bag is “magic” so you don’t know exactly what you will get in it.

Nevertheless, you can see the ratings and general descriptions of the offers and consider them while buying the meal.

In case you order the food from the buffets, you are let inside to pick whatever you want that is still available. The store provides packaging for the food but sometimes you should remember to bring your own bag to carry it home.

Too Good To Go not only allows you to manage surpluses and save money but also has an ecological aspect. Each surprise package is equivalent to 2.5 CO2.

Food waste alone is responsible for 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change. The platform raises awareness of the fact that by throwing out products we are not only wasting our money but also someone else’s work effort and other resources such as energy, water and various different factors needed to grow and produce food.

Magic bag

As an example, in Aldi you can get Bake-off Magic Bag, which is a bag with bakery products that costs 19 DKK and contains products worth at least 60 DKK, that have not been sold in the store during the day.

The other option is Fruit and vegetable Magic Bag for 29 DKK with fruit and vegetables of a value of at least 90 DKK.

They are still good for consumption but their packaging might be slightly damaged.

On the other hand SushiMania offers 20 pieces of their sushi for only 100 DKK.

With Ikea, you will save 2/3 of the retail value and have three options for the Magic Bag: salty & cold dishes, warm dishes or cake and bread.

Those are only few of many places within Aalborg partnering with Too Good To Go.

Optimise your budget and fight against food waste. Don’t hesitate – download the app (for free!) and check which Magic Bags are available nearby.

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