Insta-worthy bun: Caféministeriet reintroduces the legendary Fastelavn-bun

by Ashton Christensen

For those who don’t know, “Fastelavn” is a Carnival tradition in Northern Europe where children dress up and go trick-or-treating.

It may sound like Halloween but this particular tradition is more cozy than scary, and nothing is more proof of this than the immensely popular baked good known as the fastelavnsbolle that Danes happily gobble down in plenty.

While the Carnival usually takes place in February, local café Caféministeriet has decided to forget that we’re in the middle of December and bring out an old acquaintance.

We’re of course speaking of their famous Fastelavn-bun that’s been on the menu twice already this year. The first time during the Fastelavn-holiday of course, and a second time after the first lockdown.

This time, they’ve renamed it the “Second Wave Bun” – and you can order it as takeaway. 

“We’d actually planned to wait until January to release this bad-boy again but 2020 continues to throw curve-balls at us. So here you have it,” Caféministeriet says about the bun.

Instaworthy bun

 The “Second Wave Bun” consists of vanilla cream, Oreo, toffee, whipped cream, blueberries, and is topped with chocolate sauce, pistachio crunch, frozen raspberries, and gold dust.

The whole treat is embraced by a crispy (but soft!) choux pastry that is in perfect contrast to the creamy center. All in all, a fastelavn-experience that motivates you to do everything but diet during the lockdown…

And if you, on top of everything, want a bun that’s sure to give you a bunch of likes on Instagram then this is the one.

The fastelavn-bun/the quarantine Bun/the Bun of the Second Wave can be purchased every day for 50 kr.  

Order here.

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