Italian ice cream with natural ingredients: A new shop opening in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

We usually meet Haals Ice Cream on streets and walkways as their bicycle-wagons drive around offering refreshing frozen treats.

Asides from offering frozen treats on wheels, you can also find Haals Ice Cream in Haals’ bakeries located in Gistrup and Klarup. But MyAalborg has a cool scoop of news for you – Haals Ice Cream is opening a dedicated ice cream shop in the middle of Aalborg.

We can expect to see the new ice cream shop up on Urbangade 21 sometime in April – as Haals writes on their Facebook page.

Homemade Italian ice cream recipes

Haals Ice Cream stems from a bakery, which is known for maintaining the old baking traditions.  Right now it’s run by the family’s second generation, and baker Jan Haals holds talents in both baking and confectionery arts.

Haals Ice Cream focuses on making homemade ice cream from Italian recipes.  Even better, their ice cream combines simple and natural ingredients.

Exactly when Haals Ice Cream shop opens is uncertain, but we’re looking forward to following their progress.

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