It’s happening: Snowstorm will hit Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) has sent out a warning today.

They’re predicting that heavy snow and blowing snow will hit Denmark within the next 48 hours and have categorized it as dangerous weather.

In Aalborg and the surrounding areas, the warning is relevant from Monday at 22:00 to Tuesday at 17:00.

This is how bad it will get

For something to be labeled a snowstorm it requires frost with a cushion of new snow (more than 10 cm) and a good amount of wind (more than 10 m/s) so snowdrifts are formed.

The snowstorm is expected to be particularly bad in North and Central Jutland.

In Aalborg the wind is expected to be at 10-13 meters per second and in periods 10-15 cm snow in just six hours.

Combined there will be anything between 15 and 40 cm snow in the warning period.

The snow can already start Monday afternoon and at the same time the wind will increase from the east so a snowstorm will eventually become reality.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the wind will start heading north and it’s only Tuesday afternoon that the snow will stop.

Temperatures will be around the freezing point but will fall to minus 2-3 degrees during Tuesday.

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