Join for free: Job seminar for internationals offers valuable insights

by Aske M. Randa

In today’s globalized world, seeking employment opportunities abroad has become a common pursuit for many individuals.

One organization that has been instrumental in assisting job seekers in North Denmark is the International House North Denmark (IHND).

Through its dedicated efforts, IHND has been providing invaluable support and resources to help expatriates and newcomers navigate the Danish job market.

Among its numerous services, IHND’s job search seminar stands out as a remarkable initiative. This article will explore the significance and impact of the job search seminar hosted by the International House North Denmark.

Tailored to the needs of international job seekers

The International House North Denmark is an organization that focuses on assisting international residents in North Denmark.

Whether you are a newcomer, expatriate, or international student, IHND offers a wide range of services to help individuals integrate and thrive in their new environment. One of their offers is the job search seminar.

IHND’s job search seminar is a comprehensive seminar designed to equip participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively navigate the Danish job market.

The seminar is tailored to the specific needs of international job seekers and is facilitated by experienced professionals in the field.

Practical details:

  • Date: Wednesday 22nd, 2023
  • Time: 14:00 – 16.00
  • Location: International House North Denmark, Rantzausgade 4, 9000 Aalborg

Sign up:
CV and cover letter:


Registration deadline: Wednesday 22nd of November, at 12.00

If you want more info, reach out to Pernille Nyrup Vigsø, Project Coordinator at International House North Denmark:

+45 2330 3586

Key components of the job search seminar include:

Crafting a resume and cover letter that appeal to Danish employers is crucial.

The seminar provides insights into the local job market’s expectations and best practices for creating a standout application.

Participants learn to prepare for the job interview, including common questions, cultural aspects to be aware of, and strategies for job searching in Denmark.

Participants will also learn about Linkedin, how to build a strong profile and how to network with potential employers.

International House North Denmark offers a comprehensive, well-structured program that addresses the unique challenges faced by newcomers.

IHND has helped bridge the gap between foreign job seekers and the Danish job market. The job search seminar is not just a seminar; it is a gateway to new opportunities and a lifeline for those seeking employment.

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