Just announced: Aalborg Airport discontinues free parking

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

There’s big – and surprising – news from Aalborg Airport this week.

In a press release, the airport announces that they’re removing their offer of free parking, opting instead for paid parking.

Aalborg Airport reasons that they have to be able to compete internationally in order to develop the airport, and that they’re thus no longer able to offer free parking any longer.

“We have to acknowledge that the business models of air transport have changed significantly over the years, especially after the corona pandemic, which put its economical mark on the entire aviation industry.

The future of aviation for airports is driven by a big focus on price competition, supply of routes, and the green transition.

It is a fight that we have to win but without compromising on what makes us Denmark’s best airport – which is good service and focusing on our passengers,” the airport director, Niels Hemmingsen, says and adds:

“The first hour of parking is going to be free so it is possible to pick up and drop off friends and family.

After this, every 24 hours will cost 20 kroner. That is a price far below any other European airport.

It is a price that we judge is both competitive and at an acceptable level for our customers.

With the direct train to the airport, good bus connections, and Denmark’s cheapest airport parkin we will continue to be attractive to many of our costumers. We expect to start on Thursday, April 20th, 2023.”

Direct routes to south and east Europe on their wishlist

The travel market has made a strong return after the corona pandemic, and Aalborg Airport writes that they are ambitious with many new initiatives and activities all around.

“At Aalborg Airport we know that if we do not develop, we will fall behind our competitors.

We are therefore working dedicatedly with our costumer experience but also to attract new routes to European airport hubs such as Frankfurt, Paris or Istanbul.

New, direct routes to south and east Europe are likewise high on the wish list. We also participate in different projects about green fuel that will hopefully make sure that Denmark’s first domestic route has its base in Aalborg Airport.

This is happening simultaneously with our own process of becoming a C02 neutral airport,” Niels Hemmingsen says.

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