Just sold: Here’s the most expensive apartment ever sold in Aalborg Municipality

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

If you think that the housing market is all crisis and red numbers then you’ve probably been influenced by the many Breaking News banners that dominate the national newspapers.

Because contrary to popular belief the housing market is still alive and well.

Especially in Aalborg where an apartment has just been sold as the most expensive ever in our municipality.

Back in September, we shared that the unique penthouse in Nørresundby was up for sale with a view of Aalborg’s skyline and harborfront, and now it’s been sold.

Sold for 19.9 million

On Lindholm Brygge in Nørresundby you’ll find the tallest apartment complex within the municipality called Horisonten, which is 66 meters tall and counts three silos.

It was here that Aalborg’s most expensive apartment ever was up for sale via the real estate company Thorkild Kristensen at a value of 19.995,000 kroner.

When we followed up on the sale here two months later the “for sale” sign had been replaced by “sold”.

Now Jette Gudiksen, partner in Thorkild Kristensen, confirms the sale.

“I can confirm that it has been sold at the asking price, and that is thus the most expensive apartment ever sold on the housing marked in Aalborg municipality.

We are very proud that we have been able to be a part of this, and we are happy that there was so much interest in this unique apartment,” Jette Gudiksen says.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

Private elevator and wild roof terrace

The new owners of the apartment will get 236 sqm. to frolic in on the 21st floor with a 360 degree view, private elevator, four carports, roof terrace with an orangery and spa, intelligent home system and exclusive quality solutions like granite flooring, corian-tabletops, VOLA-armature, domestic appliances from Miele, sound isolation, and much more.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen
Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

The former record of an apartment sold in Aalborg municipality was 17.3 million, and Thorkild Kristensen were also responsible for this sale back in 2019.

At Thorkild Kristensen they report that the deal soon will be registered, and that they’re very happy about the size of the sale.

“The media wants to draw up a bleak picture of the housing market, and we are absolutely aware that there are challenges for both buyers and sellers.

It is worth noting that the prices in Aalborg are not rising as explosively as on Zealand, which means that we are feeling these price drops to a lesser degree.

Photo: Thorkild Kristensen

We are excited that we can feel so much activity on the housing market in Aalborg, and we are involved in a lot of deals.

So we are positive, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news about sales in the same category as this one,” Jette Gudiksen explains.

You can still view the sales ad and more photos of the apartment here.

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