Kebab-hit is coming to town: Soon you’ll be able to enjoy an authentic Berlin-döner

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Kebab, fresh vegetables, three types of dressing, and Turkish bread.

Those are the key ingredients in the Berlin-döner; a specialty which has increased in popularity in Denmark.

It’s become a huge success in Copenhagen where the opening of a Berlin Döner store created a long line that winded through Vesterbro. Lately the chain has opened two new places in Aarhus.

And now it’s Aalborg’s turn.

In a short while, Berlin Döner will open in Aalborg, and they’ll be launching with their original recipes that you know from Germany.

They’ll be opening on Reberbansgade 13, and it’s almost a matter of course that an eatery of this caliber opens in Aalborg’s designated food-street.

Photo: MigogAarhus

Recipe developed in 1972

They’re known for making crunchy and steaming flat bread buttered with kräuter,- knoblauch or scharf-dressing packed with finely sliced veal, coupled with fresh red cabbage, zittauer onion, herbs, cucumber, tomato, and iceberg salad.

Just like at Kreuzberg.

Their recipe was actually developed back in 1972 in Berlin (of course) by the Turkish born migrant worker and machine fitter, Kadir Nurman.

He migrated to Germany when he was 26 years old in 1960 and was like many of his compatriots fired from his industrial workplace during the recession.

Instead of returning back to Turkey, he started experimenting with German-Turkish fusion gastronomy, which we today know as the döner kebab.

During the beginning, it was mostly eaten by people of the Turkish minority but in the 80s Germans also got a taste for the spiced food.

Today, the döner kebab is one of the most popular foods in Germany.

“We are very excited to open in Aalborg.

There’ll be a free original Döner for everyone who shows up on the opening day. We still need to get a few things sorted out because we can reveal the opening date.

We have no doubts that Aalborg has been waiting for the original Berlin Döner and now it is here,” Damir, one of the owners, says to MyAalborg.

Hvad: Berlin Döner – Aalborg opens
Hvor: Reberbansgade 13B, 9000
Hvornår: The opening date has yet to be revealed but it won’t be long

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