Kicks off next week: Extraordinary mini-Olympics takes place in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

If you haven’t heard yet, next week Aalborg will be hosting a mini-inspired Danish Olympics called “DM-ugen” or “DM-week”.

For the first time in Danish history, a series of Danish Championships will take place during one week in Aalborg

The Danish Sports Confederation is turning its vision into reality as the massive championship event takes place approximately one week from now.

Aalborg is appointed the host for 2022 and 2023. 

We’re talking about 180 Danish championships covering 52 sports that will unfold starting Thursday, June 23rd. The event is three days and finishes on June 26th.

The best news is that the event is entirely FREE to attend.

The entire program is revealed, and we have gathered an overview of all sports, the locations, and dates. So get out your calendar and check the list below.

A massive event for the public

There is so much happening that seeing all might be challenging.

In that case, we recommend selecting the events you really want to see. 

There will be at least 50,000 spectators scattered around Aalborg for the massive event. The waterfront is expected to draw the most spectators and be the hotspot of the DM-week.

The Danish Championship in cycling will be a stand and observe event along the city streets of Aalborg, and the winner will wear the famous Dannebrog jersey.

Perhaps that same jersey will be worn at the upcoming Tour de France that starts in Denmark shortly afterwards.

There are so many opportunities for a fun time and fabulous events to check out. 

Huge showcase

Grab an ice cream and enjoy the show as cyclists speed by in their race for a championship. 

Over the weekend, check out Honnørkajen where a special pavilion allows spectators to get a closer look at the long jump performance, see the sand in the air, and the view of the Limfjorden in the background.

“We are thrilled that Aalborg and the Danish Sports Confederation are creating the first ever DM-week.

The massive event showcases popular sports such as road cycling, rowing, and athletics but also a chance to watch relatively unknown competitions. For example, you can check out Stand Up Paddle, Wakeboarding, Crolf (a mix between croquet and golf), and even Laser Tag.

You can experience a lively sports mecca around the city, enjoy the uniqueness of the massive event, and watch sports in the city spaces. 

Spectators can find comfortable seating while watching long jump, weightlifting, rowing, Stand Up Paddle and diving from the Limfjordsbroen at Honnørkajen,” Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, mayor of Aalborg Municipality, explains.

You can stay updated and get an overview of all events by downloading the DM-week app (called DM-Ugen in the app stores). Given the number of competitions around the city, we strongly encourage you to do so. 

Search for the event in the app or play store or where you usually download apps to your mobile.

Here is a list of events for the week:

Thursday, June 23rd

Three major events will run in different locations from 9:30-20:00


Nørresundby Idrætscenter

Check out Denmark’s best swimmers as they compete at Nørresundby Idrætscenter across several categories.

The final starts at 17:30, and it will be exciting who crosses the finish line first and claims the gold. 

Interesting Fact: The pool length in Nørresundby Idrætscenter was increased by 7 mm to live up to the standards and be DM-week ready.


Aalborg Tennisclub

If you love tennis, this would be an obvious choice to catch an elite performance by some of the most extraordinary talents.

Tennis has already started since the qualification rounds began on Monday. 

Cycling – single start/finish

Start/finish goal is the Aalborg Congress & Culture Center

Indeed it will be exceptional to see some of the best cyclists through the city streets of Aalborg.

Tour de France doesn’t pass through North Jutland, but the mini-OL does, so here is your chance to see elite cyclists up close.

Friday, June 24th

On this day, there are 11 sporting events at differing locations


Skovdalen Atletikstadion

If you want to experience an Olympic atmosphere then go to Skovdalen. Here you will see competitions from several disciplines and watch some of the fastest people from the country.



Padel is a most recent addition to elite competition and one of Denmark’s more modern disciplines. So if you wish to get an idea about what the sport can be, then here is your chance to see some of the best. We expect intense and fierce competition. 

High Diving


The heights in high diving are impressive, and this year the Danish Championship will dive off the Limfjords bridge from 13, 16, and 20 meters.

Long Jump


A lot is happening by the waterfront, so it’s a place worth visiting during the mini-OL.

This year the DM long jump will take place right in front of the water for a spectacular view, making this the first time in Danish sports history.  



Another extraordinary event will be the DM-finals for SUP (Stand up paddle board) sprint. No doubt there will be incredible speed on the water.  

On Friday there Danish Championships in swimming, tennis, and many more sports will be held. 

 You can see the whole program for Friday here

Saturday, June 25th

34 sporting competitions spread out at 20 different locations


Aalborg Freja

If you enjoy intensity and speed, then check out some of the best hockey players at Aalborg Freja-Hallen.




Dart is a sport which continues to draw in larger audiences and is known as a standing spectator event, especially in places like London. Now you can experience the atmosphere too and grab a drink while observing the refined skill and cheering for your favorite player.  

Another incredible surprise is that the DM-finals in dart will be in Skråen in the middle of Aalborg.


Dan’s Pool Hall/Aalborg pool club

Are you finding it difficult not to tune in when billiards or pool is on Discovery? Then here is a unique opportunity to see some of the best from Denmark compete for the title.


Aalborg Airport

It is not every day that a Danish Championship in Rally takes place at a military base or an airport for that matter. What an epic backdrop setting for this race.

Martial Arts


All of Friday there will be Taekwondo, Judo, and Ju-Jitsu as well as wrestling at Gigantium.

Later, the finals will be held at Honnørkajen by the Utzon Center. A competition of this caliber will make another historic event for this location.  

There will also be powerlifting at Honnørkajen.

As mentioned, many events throughout the day, including wakeboarding, dance, and climbing.

See the whole program for Saturday here

Sunday, June 26th

24 sports across 12 locations


Aalborg Congress & Culture Center

This event will be broadcasted on TV and will likely draw one of the largest crowds of spectators, and for a good reason. 

The start and the finish line are centrally located at the Aalborg Congress & Culture Center. The race will lead the cyclists out towards Nørholmsvej and back again. 

There will be plenty of space for all spectators along the entire route where you can watch these elite athletes compete for the DM title.

You can see the entire route here.



If you haven’t had the chance to see rowing up close, this would be the time to witness the raw strength of these athletes as they team up and take on the forces of water while competing for the gold. 

The DM rowing (rigging) is on the Limfjord around the waterfront.


Skovdalen Atletikstadion

As events progress and medals are claimed, we build up the anticipation for the athletics field, where so much is happening at once. You may find yourself transported into the heart of an OL experience. 

Open Water Swimming


If you plan to be close to the waterfront on Sunday, don’t miss your chance to see the Danish Championship in Open Water Swimming. Here you will see swimmers battle the forces of the water, just like in rowing, but one-to-one fighting with sharp focus as they swim for the win around the cape of the Limfjord.

This unforgettable event will highlight what is achievable with hard work and dedication.

There will also be weight lifting on Honnørkajen, bowling at Løvvangcenter, swimming in Nørresundby and more.

See the whole program for Sunday here

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