Large selection: New spirit shop opens in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau
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Whether you prefer rum, gin, whisky, champagne, specialty beers, or snaps, raise your glass. We now have another good reason to say ‘Cheers!’ or ‘Skål!’ 

Recently, the doors opened for a brand new liquor or spirit shop in Aalborg. 

Mr. Booze, who until now sold spirits through their webshop, has opened a 50 square meter liquor shop close to Hasseris.

According to the owner, Oliver Brun, that space will house about 500 different rums, whiskeys, champagne, vodka, specialty beers, snaps, and gin – the latter given high priority.

Over 100 types of Gin

The gin selection nears 100 varieties, making the new shop the location with the largest selection of gin in North Jutland.

”Gin is wildly popular these days, and we aim to cater to the request for a broader and better selection – of course also Danish gins which are at the forefront of the gin scene.

Although our selection will house about 100 excellent choices, we aim to bring in new gins on an ongoing basis.”

Physical store launches in response to customer requests  

Until quite recently, Mr. Booze sold his selections from a webshop. Now all that is changing.

Fans of the shop wish to meet and get that personal experience and insight directly from Mr. Booze or Oliver Brun. Over the summer, Mr. Booze worked to make a physical shop possible.

”Since our original launch in December 2020, we offered customers the option to pick up their orders and save on shipping costs. It’s fantastic to meet your customers, get to know them, and chat about the products,” he says.

The big decision to open the shop came later in the summer after Mr. Booze arranged a popular Gin & Tonic Cruise on the Limfjord.

Mr. Booze entertained and served more than 600 people on board the cruise, resulting in 22 trips overall. 

”We were utterly blown away by the amount of interest, and the most common question from all our guests was ‘Do you have a physical shop where we can visit you?’

So that is when we decided to open a physical store”,  Mr. Booze explains.

Hvad: Mr. Booze opens a physical shop
Where: Nørholmsvej 110, Aalborg
When: Now open!

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