Last donut shop in town: Sweet offers from La Donuteria all weekend

by Ashton Christensen

Over a year ago, there were four shops, and now there’s one.

We’re talking about donut shops. The single one left is… not surprisingly – La Donuteria in Nørregade.

The four shops opened around summer last year, but La Donuteria managed to stand out by baking their donuts from scratch.

We guess you could say that they found a hole… in the market.

All donuts at a sweet price 

In the upcoming weekend, La Donuteria will again be ready with something most North Jutlanders can acknowledge: A good deal.

Now you can get donuts for just 29kr Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The offer applies on regular donuts, specials and the new Christmas donuts, which come in multiple variations.

  • Reindeer Special with apple jam
  • Santa Special
  • Gifflar Special

The perfect Christmas Snack!

Christmas donuts

The offer may be prolonged

La Donuteria is an international chain, which hasn’t stopped them from thriving locally.

By listening to customer demand, La Donuteria has continuously widened their assortment and, by doing so, have granted wishes for those buying the deep-fried holecakes.

The newest addition to their classic donuts is sugar (glazed) and cinnamon.

Glazed and cinnamon donuts

The offer is on all weekend, and La Donuteria explains they possibly will prolong the offer if it is of interest to customers.

Follow for more info on their Instagram. 


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