Learn more: The green transition and how you can contribute

by Luisa Geitmann-Mügge

Are you dreaming of actively contributing to the green transition of Aalborg, Denmark, and the world but missed out on studying energy engineering at AAU?

Don’t worry because the Northern Danish landscape of renewable energies and other sustainable technologies and developments is vast and full of opportunities – not just for engineers.

Green industries in North Denmark

Aalborg – with its prime access to the Limfjord – has an industrial history and has long been known as “the city with the smoking chimneys”.

Nevertheless, a lot has happened since those times, and Aalborg and the entire region of North Denmark are known as a hub for sustainable energy and supporting the green transition.

A not negligible number of companies working within the field of renewable energies can be found in the region and they are looking for employees with a variety of skills and qualifications.

Other – maybe less obvious – industries looking for people interested in driving sustainable solutions are e.g. the tourism sector and the food, agriculture and fishing industry.

Green jobs

Although it might be the most obvious profession to contribute to the green transition, you don’t have to be a renewable energy engineer to contribute through your job.

It takes more than the engineers to set up a wind power park, more than researchers to facilitate the development of new technologies and more than the sustainability expert to implement sustainable business solutions.

In short: The industries driving the green transitions have something in stall for almost everyone.

You can find your role in furthering the green transition whether you are a trained graphic designer, have experience from the tourism industry, are within administration, want work with communication or have a background in something completely else.

The green industries are a sustainable choice – for your career and the planet.

Curious about what is out there?

You can get a list of jobs supporting the green transition delivered directly to your phone screen!

Just follow the International House North Denmark on their Facebook or LinkedIn.

Every other Thursday, they publish their popular “Green Jobs” post which contains jobs from all over North Denmark.

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