Light show, music, and sliders: Free festival visits the waterfront

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Summer is brimming with festivals.

Cold beers in the sun, inspiring music, and good times with friends.

And now, another one has joined the scene: The Adventure Festival.

It’s actually a three-day festival held in Copenhagen in August.

But on Saturday, June 8th, they are stopping by Aalborg’s waterfront to give the people of Aalborg a taste of the festival and open their eyes to the idea of adventure in the great outdoors.

According to them, adventure can be found right in our own backyard and doesn’t need to require new or expensive gear.

At the event, there will be free samples of sliders and other snacks, beer, music, and the day will end with a light show when darkness falls.

Tour around Aalborg

When The Adventure Festival hits Aalborg in collaboration with VibroAcoustics and OFYR, the event kicks off with a 12-kilometer bike ride, which everyone can participate in.

It starts at Nytorv in front of Salling at 12:00, and from there, the route heads west along the Limfjord route, around the racetrack, down to the Chalk Pit, Aalborg Tower, and finally to the waterfront, where the rest of the day’s events will take place.

The organizers promise a high-spirited atmosphere and a leisurely pace that most can keep up with.

All activities are free

The event on the waterfront starts at 14:00.

Here, all entertainment and activities are free and are only set up to give you endless amounts of inspiration.

You can, among other things, listen to a talk about traveling by bike with Mikkel from The Adventure Festival.

There will be music, sound journeys, and beer samples from Grimbergen and grilled food, including sliders, from the aesthetically pleasing and functional OFYR Grill until 22:00.

VibroAcoustics is a leader in the development of sounds that have a healing effect on stress, anxiety, and both mental and physical pain. Since 2021, they have specialized in improving mental health through vibroacoustic therapy.

You can also get a taste of this at the event, where you can let yourself be carried away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into a state of relaxation and renewed energy.

Their experts can guide you through a journey of sound and vibrations designed to calm the mind, relieve tension in the body, and restore balance.

And you can look forward to a mood-setting light show that casts beautiful illusions over the waterfront.

You can follow the event right here.

What: The Adventure Festival visits Aalborg
Where: The Waterfront, at the activity area on the basketball court
When: Saturday, June 8, 14:00 – 22:00

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