Live concert in Aalborg: Experience music and food from around the world

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo by Riishede MEDIA
Photo by Riishede MEDIA

If you’re starved for good music and company, you’ll be happy to hear that some events are still taking place in Aalborg.

Pachamama, an Aalborg-based band that specializes in international music, is hosting a “conversation concert” with plenty of food, music, and of course, conversation.

The event takes place on the 3rd of November at 17:00 at Trekanten Bibliotek & Kulturhus and aims to bring together different cultures in a musical forum.

It costs 125 kr to participate, and dinner is included in the price.

Photo by Riishede MEDIA

A world music orchestra

Pachamama decribe themselves as a “world music orchestra”, and the band currently encompasses 12 musicians of 10 nationalities.

Their focus is on folk music from different cultures and mixing together these traditions with original music to create a new, global fusion sound.

The band encourages anyone interested to join them at Trekanten where they’ll be playing their music and showing the exclusive release of their new documentary.

Read more about the event and buy tickets here.

Read more about Pachamama here.

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