Lots of jobs available: The restaurant industry expects a busy summer

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The doors to Aalborg’s cafés and restaurants are finally open again and people have definitely shown their appreciation for culinary experiences.

Many restaurants are already feeling the pressure with busy weekends and tables booked out many weeks in advance.

That is definitely making restaurant owners smile and the rush on dining out doesn’t seem to be slowing down, nor is it expected to given we’re heading into yet another summer where many will be staying at home in Denmark.

It is expected that many local tourists will flock to Aalborg and make use of the restaurants and cafés to kick off many fun nights out.

That’s why the majority of the city’s restaurants are looking to expand their workforce, especially by recruiting new young people that want to be part of a cool and fun industry.

Having fun is a requirement

Regardless of whether you’re in the kitchen, shaking it behind the cocktail bar, or taking orders from tables, it should be fun to work in a restaurant.

This is probably one of the few industries where the managers unanimously highlight it as one of the most important characteristics of their employees – that is, the ability to create a good atmosphere and have fun with guests and colleagues alike.

Mathias Walter, who is a co-owner of Helmuth Bar & Kitchen, will actually go so far as to call it a requirement that it should be fun to show up.

“We want to give the guests a good and fun experience when they come to us, and part of that requires that the staff can laugh both with the guests and each other, so it feels nice to be there,” he says.

Cool industry to work in

Mikele Volpi, who owns SanGiovanni and is the deputy chairman of the industry organization Denmark’s Restaurants and Cafés, agrees with this characterization.

“There is no doubt that it is quite cool to work in the restaurant business, especially during a busy summer.

There is a lot of jargon, good collaboration, and a unique sense of community both within and outside of working hours,” Mikele Volpi says.

Beyond the desire to contribute positively to the party atmosphere and make sure the guests have a good experience, it is often not a prerequisite to have previous restaurant experience.

“Of course, it is always nice if you have worked as a waiter or similar before, but we will be responsible for the training needed.

The most important thing is that you want to be a part of the team and thrive when working at a high pace,” Mikele Volpi explains.

He clearly finds that it is an environment in which especially many young people thrive.

Room for personal development

Both Mikele Volpi and Mathias Walther have many students employed.

“I hear that they are happy to be working for us because there is a positive energy and a special relationship between the staff that you do not find many other places,” Mathias Walther says.

In addition, he highlights that the working hours are usually very appealing to students, because they are easy to arrange around classes and other study tasks.

And, of course, there’s also lots of learning on the job, in terms of picking up service skills, sales techniques, and communication skills, as well as getting an insight into good food and wine.

What should you do if you’re interested in a restaurant job? Try showing your face and dropping off your resumé at a few of the places you’d like to work and see what happens from there.

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