Lots to choose from: A large pick-and-mix candy paradise has opened in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Archive photo of candy store / Min By Media
Archive photo of candy store / Min By Media

The people behind the Bogø restaurant chain have opened a large pick-and-mix candy paradise.

Today, Slikmunden (Candy Mouth) has opened the doors to a candy heaven spanning many square meters.

Mario El-Hajj, owner of Bogø, along with his brother Muddi, are ready to conquer new territory.

They have long received requests to open a larger candy store.

Now it’s coming true.

“Slikmunden” will be located side by side with the current Bogø Sandwich shop in Aalborg East near Tornhøj Center.

Just a stone’s throw away, the cozy Café Tornhøj has also been opened.

The location is prepped and ready.

Pick-and-mix paradise

Now they are expanding with a pick-and-mix paradise to the great delight of those living in Aalborg East, Gistrup, Klarup, Vejgaard, and so on.

“We have stocked up with nearly 400 different varieties of candy.

We bring in large batches, and we are ready to fulfill people’s wishes if they have a special favorite that is hard to find.

We also have specialty candies like American candy and these popular Takis Chips that the youth especially love.

We keep an eye on trends on TikTok and make purchases when something new emerges,” Mario tells MyAalborg.

The premises used to house Mormors Café, and it’s right next to the current Bogø shop in Aalborg East.

“We also have popular Japanese and various American sodas.

We’re trying to stand out a bit compared to other candy stores in Aalborg and have sought inspiration from both large candy stores in Copenhagen and abroad,” Mario explains.

An area in rapid development

Soon they will have three locations within a few meters in Aalborg East.

“If you had asked me ten years ago, I never would have thought that we would focus on this area.

But Aalborg East has become so much more than what it used to be.

The local area is in rapid development, and if you have prejudices about Aalborg East, you really should come out here and take a look,” Mario adds.

You can find out more on their Facebook page here.

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