Made from scratch: New sandwich bar opens at a familiar address

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

“Where can you really get a good sandwich in Aalborg?”

We took a trip to Kastetvej to see if the street’s newest addition could be a good contender.

In May, the couple Rikke Martine Bruun Meyer and Lars Krogh Jensen opened the takeaway spot FrAAderen, a street art and hip hop-inspired sandwich bar.

You can find it in the old premises of “Din Vitamin Bar” at Kastetvej 41, and the place has been transformed with a graffiti-painted logo, their own mixtape, and LP records on the walls.

The counter is lined up with freshly cut vegetables, homemade pickles, dressings, and various types of meat, all ready to be packed into crispy focaccia or sourdough bread.

Simple with quality ingredients

Lars Krogh Jensen previously worked as a breakfast chef at Hotel Scheelsminde.

But it was time for something new.

“I know Sameh, who owned it before. He asked if we’d like to take over. Rikke and I agreed that something was missing on Kastetvej. So now was the time,” Lars explains.

The concept had to be simple with good food made from scratch. The ingredients had to be top-notch. And the place should be informal with a decor inspired by hip hop culture, featuring graffiti, street art, and rap tunes playing.

On the menu, you’ll find six different sandwiches, paninis, bowls, and their take on a New York Chopped Cheese – called a “fraader.”

The common thread for all dishes is that nearly all elements are homemade.

They cut the deli meat themselves, pickle the vegetables, create their own takes on various dressings, and slow-marinate the meat.

“It may be a lot of work for a sandwich bar, but I really enjoy it. It’s important to us that people are happy and that we serve something people want to eat,” Lars Krogh Jensen says.

We ordered an “Italianer,” a “Sun-Kissed Greek,” and a “Vegetarian” sandwich – all three packed with various elements that overflowed, offering a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

Living up to its name

The bread is crunchy with substance, even if you choose the lighter version. It’s made with sourdough and has both a crispy crust and a soft interior.

They don’t skimp on the greasiness either.

In their “Italianer,” there’s both pesto with Vesterhavs cheese, artichoke cream, herb dressing with four different herbs, balsamic glaze, and we added truffle oil.

And in the “Sun-Kissed Greek,” you get a hefty scoop of tzatziki with a kick, as they put it. The roasted bell peppers give the sandwich an intense and delicious flavor, while the semi-dried tomatoes add both sweetness and acidity.

After the first bite, we were sold, and we were all impressed with how much flavor could be packed into a sandwich.

You can definitely taste that the elements are made from scratch and that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

We have to say, they live up to their name. Because it was… amazing.

FrAAderen will have ten seats in total, with four of them outside.

If you’re lucky, you can grab a seat in the sun and experience the city’s buzz and the hip hop vibe at the new sandwich bar.

But it’s also great for takeout, where they can deliver small orders for a picnic or larger orders for, for example, a birthday or a company party.

Over the summer, you can order a grill package with chicken skewers, burgers, potato salad, and mixed salad, and eventually, they will also offer a “dish of the day.”

You can find their menu here.

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