Magical pastries: Lagkagehuset launches four new summer cakes

by Ashton Christensen

There are plenty of newsworthy topics but when it comes to news about cake, especially summer cakes, our attention peaks.

Right now there’s nothing we long for more than a beautiful Danish summer, and summer is precisely the theme of Lagkagehuset’s new cakes, which you can now find in their bakeries.

Four utterly new varieties have earned their spot in the cake display, and as usual, every detail is thought-out.

We’ve already had the pleasure of tasting them, and we agree that they taste like… Danish summer.

So if you, just like us, miss fresh strawberries, newly sprouted roses, and cake just like mom made it, you should visit Lagekagehuset at Østre Havn, Skalborg, or Magasin where these delicious cakes are waiting for you. 

The four variations are:

Lemon Swiss roll

This cake is a soft and airy Swiss roll crust with a generous layer of lemon mousse and crunchy white chocolate balls.

The pastry chefs have decorated it with whipped cream, currant jelly, blackberry, meringue, and bits of delicious chocolate.

Consider sitting on the terrace under the oh-so-blue sky to enjoy a refreshing summer Swiss roll.

Black currant slice

Vegan summer slice with light, silky-soft black currant mousse on a crispy crust of chocolate, coconut, and puffed rice.

On the top, there’s a sweet black currant jelly decorated with a purple cornflower—a fresh bite of summer.

Strawberry dream

This cake has a spongy gateau marcel crust made of white chocolate with soft, airy strawberry mousse decorated with whipped cream, meringue, raspberries, and strawberries.

No doubt a Danish summer flavor!

Rose Cake

This soft bottom layer cake is fresh and filled with a light currant mousse made with rose water, giving a delicate rose fragrant. 

The cake is wrapped in marzipan and decorated with whipped cream, rose mousse, white chocolate balls, and the summer’s currant berries and raspberry.

Here you’ll taste sweet and sour – and yes – you can also go to the bakery and pick berries and flowers!

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