Major issue resolved: Project Spritten is back on track

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The Spritten project in Aalborg has faced numerous challenges since announcing ambitious plans for the area. However, there’s good news now.

The development of the old distilleries in central Aalborg into a new district characterized by industrial and cultural heritage, art, architecture, and gastronomy can now move into the next phase. This was announced in a press release by Spritten A/S and A. Enggaard A/S.

An agreement between A. Enggaard A/S, Spritten A/S, and Aalborg Municipality regarding the routing of a large sewer line through the Spritten site removes a crucial obstacle for the continued development of the new district.

Realizing plans for projects such as the artwork Cloud City Aalborg, Kunsthal Spritten, an underground parking facility, and the first phase of the protected buildings can now proceed.

What’s happening now

Challenges with the district’s main sewer line had previously led to a pause in parts of the development project.

This affected projects like Spritten A/S’s luxury apartment building, Harbour Gate, A. Enggaard’s underground parking, and future residential and commercial buildings on the western part of the site.

It also impacted the transformation of protected factory buildings into new uses such as a market hall, hotel, brewery, distillery, etc.

At the initiative of Aalborg Municipality, A. Enggaard and Spritten A/S resumed discussions about the district’s main sewer line. Through joint efforts, the parties have now reached a point where the sewer line is in its final stages and will soon be in operation.

“We have been in a working group with representatives from both the municipality, Spritten A/S, and A. Enggaard, where various alternatives have been discussed.

The location of the main sewer line has been one of the biggest challenges, and the working group has collectively found a solution that will not hinder the planned developments in the area,” project development manager Morten Løgsted from A. Enggaard says.

A new path forward

The agreement between the parties was approved by Aalborg Municipality and Aalborg Sewer earlier this year. It involves rerouting the district’s main sewer line from a location along the waterfront to a path through the site.

“We are pleased to announce that, as a result of good and constructive cooperation over the past few months, we have succeeded in realizing a solution that opens the door for the new district to reach its full potential.

Our collaboration has been challenging for a period, but we have agreed to let the past be the past, and in the process, it has been clear that all parties have had a sincere desire to find a good solution for the city. This bodes well for the future,” entrepreneur Asger Enggaard from A. Enggaard A/S says.

Looking Ahead

Spritten A/S, board chairman Rikke Gaardboe is also satisfied with the constructive process:

“We are happy that, after months of good cooperation, we have reached an agreement with positive prospects for the continued development of the new district.

The agreement means that we at Spritten A/S can now move forward with realizing the visions for the transformation of the old distillery.

Already at the beginning of the new year, we will start renovating some of the old buildings gently. The rerouting of the main sewer line means that we can now, together with the other parties involved in Spritten’s development, look forward to the benefit of Aalborg.”

Among other upcoming projects at Spritten, Kunsthal Spritten and the artwork Cloud City Aalborg are highlighted, both expected to open by 2026.

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