Major transformation underway: Wider cycling paths and more safety through the city center

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Aalborg Municipality has been working on the big city project “From Nytorv to Nordkraft” since 2020.

The central stretch is being transformed in stages with the vision being to open up the area and make it more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians – and not least to create more green spaces.

Most of us have already enjoyed the nice new area at Nytorv where the busy space has been completely transformed into a new, clean and open urban space with greenery, benches and a lot more room for people to wander.

Now the next phase is almost ready

The municipality has worked their way further and further east with the most recent work occurring in the area around Føtex. Here flower boxes, bicycle parking and broader footpaths have been added.

Now Aalborg Municipality is almost ready to finalize the next phase in this huge transformation.

The stretch from Føtex and down to Medborgerhuset will, according to the plan, be done by the end of October.

“We have a deadline to be done by Black Friday (the 25th of November) where we have promised the local businesses that we will be completely finished,” Laura Sand, civil engineer and project responsible, says.

Wider bike paths and bicycle parking for cargo bikes

Everything is ready out in front of Føtex with wider footpaths and more plants but by the end of October there will also be new wider bike paths measuring 1.8m across.

“They have always been way too small. By Friis, the bicycles have been way too close to the cars, but now there will be a much broader bike path where cyclists will not need to wait behind the cars”, Laura Sand explains.

In the future, in the covered passage under Medborgerhuset, bicycle parking will be made and there will be a lane for pedestrians and a lane for cyclists.

In addition, there is good news for the many citizens who have a cargo bike. There will be a special bicycle parking lot just for them.

A safer place to walk

If you have walked under Medborgerhuset at night, then you may recall that it is not the most pleasant underpass in the city.

But something is also being done about that.

“We will remove the walls that are unnecessary. That way we can open it up more,” Laura Sand says.

The stretch will be closed to buses and cars, and over time the area will be made even more cozy.

“Next year (2023) we will start a major lighting project so that it is no longer a dark spot. It must be a safe place to walk,” she adds.

Aalborg Municipality is converting the section from Nytorv to Nordkraft in the period 2020 – 2024. The vision is to create a coherent green stretch with space for business and leisure.

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